7 Ways How Travel Keeps You Young and Fit

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To travel is to live

Hans Christian Andersen

The author of classic fairy-tales could not be closer to the truth. To travel is, indeed, to live. Travelling is a source of inspiration, a wonderful experience, it gives you a sensational feeling of achievement, a marvelous way to look at life and is the secret to youth! No no, we are not talking about the mythical fountain of youth! (If you stumble upon it on one of your travels, do let us know!). There are people who are young, and then there are people who are young at heart.

Here are a few ways in which travel keeps you young and fit:

A stress buster:

travel tips to be fit and young

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Deadlines piling up? Work pressure draining you out? The thought of an intense meeting aging you overnight? Just planning a vacation keeps your mind off things that stress you out. Day dreaming about your favourite destination and the things you will do after going there diverts your mind from the pressing issues of deadlines and targets. Take a deep breath, go on a quick vacation and come back with your priorities straightened out. Travel gives you a different perspective on your problems. You will come back stress-free and ready to tackle your difficulties head on!

A fun way to burn calories:


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Are air conditioned gyms and their workout schedules boring you? Well my friend, you need to take a fitness vacation! Head off for yoga classes in the Himalayas, go hiking in the Alps, trek in Australia's outback,  go on a desert hike in Dubai, swim against mighty waves in the Mediterranean Sea or go cycling in Amsterdam or Pondicherry. You will return home fitter, leaner and healthier.

Break from monotony:

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If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal! Leading a monotonous lifestyle is a sure-fire way to age oneself! Travel gives you a break from uniformity and helps you avoid boredom. Office work or house work or full-time parenting/ grand parenting, no matter what your routine, take a break and travel. You will come back refreshed and energized. In the words of Charlotte Bronte, I feel monotony and death to be almost the same. We side with her!

Travel keeps you happy:


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A wise man once said, happiness is the key to youth. And what better way to stay happy than to travel. Agreed, travel brings with it long flights, jet lag and sometimes, misplaced baggage. But, once you start travelling, once you start ticking tourist attractions off your wishlist, it brings you joy and satisfaction. Meeting new people, seeing marvelous sights, waking up to a beautiful sunrise or sleeping under the stars, it all makes you happy. Coming a full circle, happiness is the key to youth! 

Travel keeps you spiritually and mentally healthy:

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Travelling takes you places, it opens up your eyes and mind to the world around you. One day you might be sharing your room with strangers in a hostel, the next day some stranger might be sharing his food with you. On your travels, you come across new customs, new cultures, new languages and new experiences. Travel teaches you humanity. As Danny Kaye puts it, to travel is to take a journey into yourself.

Romance keeps you young:


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Ever heard of Mini-moons and Baby-moons? Mini-moons are short romantic getaways for couples for which Maldives is a good choice. Whereas, baby moons are where couples travel to peaceful and serene vacation spots to make love and babies! It is love that makes the world go round. It is love that keeps you young.

Spa Vacation:


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What better way to remain healthy and young than to have a soothing spa session? Book a luxury vacation, get pampered and feel your worries, your tension and your fine lines go away.

Travel is a fabulous way to keep fit and remain young. A study conducted by the American Psychological Association showed that stepping out for a vacation, even if only for a weekend, takes us away from our stressful environment and helps our bodies and minds heal. Pack your bags, say your goodbyes and travel. Travel for as long as you want, to wherever you want! And come back refreshed, energised, fit and revitalized.

You don't stop travelling because you grow old. You grow old because you stop travelling.

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