Do's and Don'ts of Iceland Road Trip

By Fedora Lobo on Aug 26, 2015
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This vacation, break the ice by planning a trip to Iceland and give your monotonous routine a good shake. Iceland and tourism walk hand in hand, and why not? The island is rich with mesmerizing landscapes and fascinating attractions. A holiday to this part of the world would definitely translate to a holiday well spent. Moreover if you choose to spike up the adventure of your Iceland holiday, consider a road trip to the affluent island.

There are plenty of alluring sights the country is home to. The Golden Circle, Skogafoss and Gullfoss Waterfalls, Black Sand Beach, Dyrholaey, Godfoss, Dynjandi and many more add to the scenic beauty of this destination. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There's a mountain more to explore on this exceptionally beautiful island country.

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While an Iceland road trip makes for an unforgettable, thrilling and forever cherishing experience, it could also get pretty challenging. But wouldn't that be the actual fun of trip? Every road trip comes with a set of Dos and Don'ts. Iceland has its own. If you're seriously planning that perfect road trip to this country, here's what you should consider to avoid unwanted trouble and entrap a smooth Iceland holiday.

There are abundant things to do in Iceland, especially on a road trip. However, lets take a look at the dont's of first.

Don'ts of a Road Trip to Iceland

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Don't make weather assumptions. They say, Change is the only constant factor in the world and looks like the weather of Iceland took this proverb a little too seriously. So don't go by the forecast, nor believe your gut instincts. Visit Iceland equipped with clothes suitable for all weathers. This will help you absorb the hypnotic beauty of the island without a worry of the unpredictable weather.

Don't forget to book for an accommodation in advance. Spontaneous bookings are not a wise thing to do. Its obvious if you've boldly taken on a road trip you totally love those spur of the moment plans. But hold on, Iceland is pretty unpredictable with accommodations and of course the weather, if you read my first point.

So book before you visit to Iceland. 

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Don't stock up on hard cash. Use your credit or debit card wherever possible. Almost every place in Iceland accepts cards. So, to keep yourself safe from pick pockets and in order to focus on the sightseeing rather than your wallet, carry minimal cash.

Don't forget the fuel. In Iceland, you can never tell where you're going to find the next gas station. So, wherever you find one, make sure you fill your tank to the brim and stock up on petrol cards as well. This factor is all the more applicable during winter months in the country.

Don't slow down all of a sudden or pull up for that perfect picture. We understand you're blown away by the beauty and the picturesque landscapes of the country. Maybe you're so in love with Iceland now that you've just arrived and you're already planning your next trip to the island. Sure! But please consider the locals that are zooming on their most known roads. You don't want a mishap on your favorite holiday.

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Of course you're supposed to do exactly the opposite of the aforementioned don'ts, but there are a few more to the list.

Do plan your route of travel in the country. Obvious reasons are so that you don't get lost in an unknown place. But otherwise, Iceland is home to mountain ranges, mesmerizing waterfalls, glacier lagoons, quaint fishing, and much more. If you plan out a region for a day, you make your road trip more systematic and easy. For this, you need to have your routes straight so you don't waste time getting lost or landing in the middle of nowhere every now and then. As a tip use GPS.

Do carry enough of food and beverages to make your journey to avoid discomfort. Between two attractions you may have to cover a journey of a couple of hours. You may unfortunately cross routes with zero cafes and gas stations as well. Here's when the food you've stocked up on will come handy. Also carry plenty of water.

Do take a tour in Iceland. To be on the safer side and avoid the hassle of finding routes or figuring the next best attraction, take a tour and let professionals guide your trip. If at all you are hell bent on exploring the island on your own, or you think your friends are equal guides, do hire a good car to travel. Get behind the wheel only if you're confident with driving.

Do explore Iceland at leisure. Yes you have a lot to see and do in the country, but don't hurry yourself. Take your own sweet time and absorb the timeless beauty of the island because you're going to cherish the time spent here forever. The beauty of a road trip is that you can move at your own pace. So, don't forget the core purpose of the road trip and do spend time with the attractiveness to Iceland. Also capture the beautiful sunset, majestic mountain ranges, natural beauty and priceless moments here so you have them photographed forever and unforgettable memories.

Do visit Iceland again. That actually goes without a say. Your love for the scenic beauty of this island; the frozen icicles, the gushing water, the dancing waterfalls, the snow capped mountains, the contradicting combination of ice and fire, that the country is, is sure to pull you back for another vacation here.

After you've explored the island, you're sure to mark this as one of the best road trip destinations of the world. As a plus; following the Do's and Don'ts will simplify you ideal vacation and help you make the most of your Iceland road trip.

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