14 Ideas For Non-beach Honeymoon Destinations Across The World

By Sameer Kapoor on Feb 20, 2019
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Non-beach Honeymoon Destinations Across the World

Not every newly married couple wants to visit a beach side destination. For them, the quaint hill stations or for that matter even river side towns allure more beauty and romance than the oft visited and celebrated beaches across the world. If you belong to this category, then check out these marvellous and romantic ideas for non-beach honeymoon lovers to give warmth to the marital bliss in your life:

1. Stay in a quiet Rainforest Lodge

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There are many stunning rainforest lodges across the world that can surprise you with their raw leafy beauty and charm. A stay in these quiet corners of the world will transport you into a magical marital bliss. Many of such lodges are available in places such as Costa Rica and Malaysia. They are luxurious, irresistible and certainly more alluring than the mainstream beach destinations. A rainforest lodge is certianly one of the most enjoyable honeymoon destination ideas.

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2. Whisper your love in Camping destinations

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There can be nothing as beautiful as the quiet moments spent under the gazing sky for the lovers. While most of us would find camping as too uncomfortable for the honeymoon couples, it is actually a romantic honeymoon idea. With the rise of the concept of glamping, we have some of the most luxurious camps to stay and to make our initial days of married life memorable. This itinerary will ofcourse be filled with activities such as star gazing, cooking food together and ofcourse whispering love. There are many good glamping destinations in Montana, USA, or Amanwana on Moyo Island, Indonesia.

3. Go on a beautiful Road trip together

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Road trips are usually associated with unmarried days of fun and excitement. However, they can be equally romantic at times. After all, they give all the time to talk to each other and to make the best of your honeymoon moments. Plan a route and your stay in-between for a perfect itinerary. Also, this world has some of the most beautiful roads where time seems to stop completely.

Here are the best road trips for you: 

4. Check out the most urban cities

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While this may sound bit clichéd, but it is certainly the best alternative to the usual beach side destinations. Try the most happening cities of the world such as London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong or Bangkok if you think you are missing out on the fun part of your honeymoon. Their fast paced life is enough to keep your plans intact for sure.

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5. Explore the stunning mountain tops

Imagine your cozy honeymoon in some of the chilliest locations in the world. For those who don’t like beach destinations, this is more than a perfect alternative. The snowcapped mountains of Switzerland, Alaska, South Korea and many others will leave indelible memories in your mind and heart forever, a perfect idea for a non beach vacation!!

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6. Visit a picturesque Countryside

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While most of the couples wish to spend their honeymoon in cosmopolitan cities, there are some who are allured by the simplicity and quaintness of a countryside location. You can look for peaceful, serene areas near your favourite city. For example, instead of Tokyo, you can go to Sapporo or Hokkaido and instead of Prague, there is Cesky Krumlov. A small town is a perfect option for a non beach honeymoon!

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7. Give yourself a Royal Treat

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A royal retreat is the best way to treat your honeymoon love. Live like the royals do and experience the glamour and elegance that only the few could see earlier. Although bit costly, this option can leave you with royal memories forever. United Kingdom has such heritage hotels such as the Ashford Castle in Galway City, the Langley Castle in Northumbrian Valley, the Inverlochy Castle in Torlundy, the Dromoland Castle in Ireland, and many others. Also, Udaipur and Jaipur are the best locations in India to find a royal retreat. While going to Udaipur and Jaipur, you may find these places to visit in Rajasthan interesting.

8. Experience the African Safari

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Both South Africa and Kenya are popular destinations for honeymooners looking for a walk on the wild side. But lesser-explored Namibia can make a great alternative for couples looking to break the mold. The secluded Onkoshi camp has elevated rooms under a thatched roof and an infinity pool overlooking the Etosha Pan.

9. Plan a Romantic Vineyard Stay

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Love and wine make up for an ideal combination. Expressing your love while sipping the divine wine and stomping the grapes can bring an element of charm in your romance. The vineards of France are the best places for such type of honeymoon. Even California is rich in vineyards where you can book for your honeymoon stay.

10. Go Hiking

This is for couples who love adventure. Go hiking in some of the remotest corners of the world and see how your love blossoms well through this. The Inca trail in Peru, Kungsleden in Sweden, Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim Hike in USA are some of the options that you can explore.

Here are some more adventure honeymoon ideas you will love to explore.

11. Visit the Religious Landscapes

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There are couples who wish to search out something beyond this material world. For them, there are some of the religious destinations in world that guarantee spirituality and peace of soul. Also, these cities have something offbeat about them such as the local touch or the vibrancy that goes missing from the otherwise happening destinations. Vatican, Jerusalem, Mexico or Varanasi in India are best options for them.

12. Rejuvenate together at Spa destinations

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Spend your honeymoon with your beloved at some of the top resort spas in the world. These spas offer amazing treatments and a romantic, relaxing atmosphere that you'll both love. Mexico, India, Thailand, Caribbean islands are the perfect options for this honeymoon.

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13. A quaint river side town

If beaches are not your idea of love, then river would definitely be! The flowing quiet streams actually make the most picturesque backdrop against the blossoming love. Buenos Aires, Vienna or Hungary are to name a few.

14. Visit a European historic city

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The lovers of history and architecture will find this as the best option. Europe is strewn with some of the most historic and picturesque cities in the world. Walk down those narrow streets bordered by beautiful and age old architecture and recite verses of love to each other. This is called an idea of an elegant honeymoon for sure!

So which of these romantic ideas for non-beach honeymoon lovers would you like to opt for your honeymoon? Let us know.

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