Best Bars In The World | Part 4

By Fedora Lobo on Jan 08, 2019
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They say, "You are only as strong as the tables you stand on, the drinks you mix and the friends you roll with.” These incredible bars help you live up to this quote by serving you some of the best cocktails and alcohol selections across the globe.

While the first three series of the blog have covered around 30 bars you can perfect your boozy night at, here is a final list of 10 more incredible bars across the world you can enjoy your drink in.

Madame Claude Germany

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You’re going to feel drunk just when you enter this bar in Berlin as you’ll be seeing everything upside down without sipping on your drink yet. Madame Claude has vague but impressive interiors with book racks, rugs, chairs, and tables hanging off the ceiling. The place stages live performances, houses various events, and has a DJ rocking the bar on a daily basis. Located in a former brothel, Madame Claude is quite an enchanting bar that makes for an eventful evening.

Tree bar - South Africa

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We’ve heard about drinking on a roof top, drinking at the beach, and drinking in the middle of an ocean, but sipping on your favorite drink in a ‘tree’ is something extraordinary. Isn’t it?  The Tree Bar in Limpopo hands you with an experience of chugging some beer while sitting inside the bark of a 72 foot tall tree. The tree features its own cellar that keeps the beer chilled.

Mirror Indonesia

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Mirror is a bar in Bali, Indonesia that will remind you of a cathedral when you step in. The gothic design and stunning interiors, wall décor, hanging lamps, high ceiling and an enthusiastic atmosphere make this bar a recommended visit. Once you’re drunk you’d probably find yourself creating illusions of a holy shrine gone discotheque with happening music and a whole lot of booze.

Cova d’en Xoroi Menorca

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Perched on a cliff above the Mediterranean ocean, the Cova d’en Xoroi is a trippy bar offering views of the sea from a 100 feet above. The bar transforms into a discotheque after dark housing the best DJs that play hip and happening dance tracks to add to your enthralling night. A combination of invigorating music, exquisite crowd, fascinating views and intoxicating drinks under the sky, is what Cova d’en Xoroi offers.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

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When you plan a trip to Iceland, imagine an ice-cold cocktail, a glass of sparkling wine, or a mug of chilled beer while being immersed in a steamy hot pool of water. Sounds ideal? Live the experience at the Lagoon Bar in Grindavik, Iceland. The water of the lagoon is popular for its healing properties as it is rich with essential minerals. The uniqueness of this bar is that it can be termed as a healthy bar.

McSorley's Old Ale House New York

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This bar is about a hundred years old and has seen the likes of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. Light beer and dark beer is all you need to know about before visiting this bar as the bar serves only these two types. The vintage Irish pub has preserved some of the old décor that was used when in the pub first opened. An evening at the McSorley's Old Ale House will take you back in time leaving you nostalgic for a couple of hours.

Ice bar Canada

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This bar is rebuilt every year as it melts off. The ice bar of Canada is carved out of a gigantic ice block with alluring designs and a snowy atmosphere. The drinks are served in ice glasses making you feel like you are somewhere lost in the North Pole. You can find this bar in Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel), in Quebec, Canada.

Jicoo: The Floating Bar Japan

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Treat yourself to a booze cruise in Tokyo, Japan. The bar sails through the Tokyo bay with large glass windows exhibiting panoramic views of the city after dark. The bar stages live performances and events on Saturday nights. The bar features delightful drinks, dance, and a lounge like atmosphere on Thursdays and Fridays.

Cave bar Croatia

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The bliss of sipping on a drink in a cave is unprecedented and what intensifies this experience is the fact that you can sit at leisure outside the neatly tucked natural cavern and relish your drinks and food while feasting your eyes on the magnificent views of the Adriatic Sea. The cave is well lit with multicolored lighting that adds a magical hint to the natural interiors of this majestic bar.

Subsix- Maldives

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This was the first underwater nightclub in the world. I doubt you’d need another reason to visit here? You can sip on your favorite drink while taking a close look at the colorful marine life. This enchanting bar is located in the Niyama resort of the Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives.

While drinking can be the best escape from a hectic routine and serve as meditation when done in limits, the aforementioned bars simply magnify the intoxicating experience with their out of the world set up. So live it up and drink it down at these 40 unique bars at least once in your lifetime.

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