Why India is Best Spiritual Land on Earth

By Renuka Shahane on Jan 08, 2019
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Juggling between work and home, struggling everyday to make my way through the massive traffic, deliberately trying to fit in everything that was around me was just not working. A void inside me was pin pointing to the fragmentary journey of life that I was calling my own. And slowly I realized, I didnt own my life, my life owned me. I was a slave to all the insecurities I was dwelling in, I needed materials to be happy, I was a dependant soul living in the pretence of freedom and liberty.

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I recalled my childhood. Every evening I would sit in the little backyard of my humble home chanting the verses of shlokas with my grandmother. The little dia illuminating the entire space with a mystic light, the aroma of warm rice oozing out of the kitchen, the fresh bundle of stories about the warriors, demons and gods that were narrated to us kids- thats all we had and perhaps, that was all we needed.

And then it dawned upon me what I had lost. I had lost the virtue of undemanding, elementary spirit that I was born with. I paused for a while and realized; this spirit was indigenous to me. It was handed over by thousands of generations, described in various sagas and passed on by the means of philosophy in the living. Yes, it was one of the greatest gifts India had given me- the ability to find solace in little pleasures of life. And I decided to go the traditional way. I decided to unplug. I was determined to disconnect, so that I could re-connect-with Life.

And the experience was elucidating!

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For generations, this land of Yoga and Veda has been bestowing the world with philosophy that is found nowhere else. Be it from the directives of the Rig Veda, the repository of values from Bhagvad Gita, the sanity of Buddha or the mind-boggling fundamental preaching by the philosophers like Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo- India mesmerizes.

No wonder, it has been a magnet for people seeking peace! From the ancient pilgrims from China that took the Silk Route to explore this magical country to Christopher Columbus who was on the mission to find this golden land, India has been attracting outsiders for thousands of years. Whats the reason some may ask? Answer is multifold- the rich institution of traditions, cluster of diverse cultures inhabiting merrily, nucleus of knowledge and the spirit of Universal God- India welcomes and awes everyone who embarks on her journey.

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India is a reservoir of alternative interpretations of what the globe is. And these ways of viewing the world need to be exposed

This is well-reflected in the villages in India . The real essence of this vibrant nation is echoed in its food, clothing and lifestyle. The traditional Indian philosophy runs on the theme of Ashrams- the phases of an individuals life, the way to lead them and the right way of pursuing the ultimate goal of salvation or Mukti. This includes Brahmacharya- attaining education formal and informal for achieving celibacy, Grihasthashram- being a householder and devoting to family, Vanaprasthashram- gradually withdrawing from the duties and performing an advisory role and the final one- Sannyasa- renouncing materialistic pursuits and dedicating life to spirituality.

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May be this is the reason why India has a strong base of families. Every generation is expected to follow this four-layered Ashram system which ensures right things happen at right time fairly distributing the set of rights and responsibilities. This system also emphasizes on minimalistic living and the realization that one day you have to let go and move on.
Be it the spell-bounding Himalayas, the magnificent temples of South India, the ineffable deserts of Rajasthan or the peaceful monasteries in the North-east; the air of India is filled with the aura of spirituality.

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As Indian Philosopher J. Krishnamurti describes To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet and still; you can find tranquility even in the bustling temples of India, feel universally bound in the country with miscellany of religions and languages and sooth yourself even on the exhausting hike in the Himalayas. India resonates with your soul and the reverberations are astonishing. India and its people have a convivial vibe- in their clothing, in their art, in their food and in their life. You stumble upon the rich heritage, you come across the tight squeeze of family values, you experience the effortless moments of happiness and you fall in love with the country over and over again.

Computer revolutionary Steve Jobs spent a considerable time travelling in India and embraced the spirituality India offered. Hollywood actor Richard Gere embraced Buddhism and took a tour of the monasteries of Sikkim. Julia Roberts accepted the Hindu faith when she visited the country during the production of Eat-Pray-Love. This magnetism persists; India, continues to enthrall.

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To sum it up, I can quote Wendell Pierce,

"Culture is the intersection of people and life itself. Its how we deal with life, love death, birth and disappointment"

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On the sojourn with a completely different perspective, I realised, India has its own melody that runs the swinging pendulum of life and death; and the journey is all there is!

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