10 Best Tours in India - Explore the Off-Beat Things to Do

India- the repository of cultures, the plethora of dreams and an unleashed beauty that is alluring and captivating! Charming the outsiders for centuries, India is a lesser explored destination, especially by us Indians! Ever wondered how beautiful it will be to visit India from the eyes of a traveller?

It would be fun to plan a journey across the country and try out fun activities that we’ve labelled as cliché, isn’t it! 

We’ve handpicked the best of tours in India that will help you map the beautiful country with a totally fresh perspective!

1. Elephant Ride in the Jungles of Goa

Image Source: Pixabay.com

India is definitely not just a land of snake charmers as it is often stereotyped; but it is undeniably rustic and exotic in its own charming way. There are plenty of things to do in Goa already, and if you thought Goa has come a long way from being pastoral, here’s something that can change your mind.

Featuring dense, deep and inviting a jungle of Kulem, Goa is about to tarnish its hip image and for good! One of the best ways to explore the vast, verdant jungle of Kulem in Goa is to take a safari!

And not just any other safari; a safari like the Maharajas- on an elephant!

Enjoy an elephant ride in the lush green forests against the scenic settings of Dudhsagar falls.

Where: Kulem, Goa


  • Elephant Village Tour
  • Spice Village Tour
  • Traditional Lunch
  • Elephant Ride
  • Elephant Splash
  • Elephant Presentation
  • Elephant Photography

Duration of the tour: 8 hours

2. Hop-on-Hop-off Across the Glittering City of India

Image Source: Pixabay.com

An epitome of glitz, gold and royalty, Mysore is one of the gems of South India without which any India itinerary is incomplete! Dotted with palaces, stunning hills, markets flaunting high-quality silk sarees and aromatic sandalwood, Mysore is an amalgamation of the rich history and the plush infotech parks that can be overwhelming to explore on your first visit.

Got a problem? We’ve got the solution!

High-time we stop underestimating Indian tourism, we’ve got one international way to explore Mysore- a Hop on and Hop off tour of the city!

Map this beautiful city in an air-conditioned coach and unfold the history of the city as you sip on hot special Kapi!

Where: Mysore, Karnataka.


  • Visit to Mysore Palace
  • Hike to Chamundi Hills
  • Shopping and splurging at Devaraja Market and Silk Factory Tank
  • A high quality guided tour of Mysore in air-conditioned coach

Duration of the tour: 1 Day

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3. Walk of Fame in the B-town!

Image Source: ArbaazKhanproduction.com

If there’s one thing most native to India apart from its love for cricket, is its attraction towards Bollywood!

Hypnotising billions of Indian as well as international audience for decades, Bollywood is one thing which you simply can’t ignore!

And if you want the real essence of all the drama that Bollywood is based upon, you should, I recommend it, to be a part of this extravagance at least once!

Be on the sets of a reality show and shake a leg on the mix tape of sizzling Bollywood numbers!

"Nach Basanti”  

Where: Mumbai, Maharashtra


  • Live reality show shooting
  • Tour of Bollywood dance studio
  • Move around in Air-Conditioned Private Vehicle with professional guide
  • Refreshments

Duration of the tour: 7 hours

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4. Revive your Palette by Binging on Street Food

Image Source: Pixabay.com

India is a replete with variety of cuisines that will burst in your mouth with tons of flavours- spicy, sweet, tangy, bitter and savoury!

A wise man (and woman) will never reject such delectable, tempting, alluring spread that is served right in front of their eyes and for real cheap! That’s a crime, my friend; it really is!

Jump on this opportunity to browse through the alleys of India’s capital Delhi and elevate your senses, spirit and well-being by binging on the finest and best street food that you can ever crave for!

Taste the Shwarmas, Momos, Golgappas, Jalebi, Samosas, Faloodas, Gulab Jamun and home-made ice-creams; this place is a heaven for foodies and delight for food photographers!

Where: Delhi


  • Scrumptious Food and drinks
  • Local English-speaking guide
  • A Rickshaw ride through lanes, mazes and markets of Delhi
  • Visit to Hanuman Temple

Duration of tour: 3 hours

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5. New ‘N’ Old- Open Jeep Tour of Agra

Image Source: Pixabay.com

The eclectic city of Taj Mahal, Agra is dotted with plenty other historic attractions that will mesmerize the visitor with its classic charm, mind-boggling architecture and grandeur.

Explore this city in an open jeep and get a 360 degree view of the city as you move around. Visit the iconic places like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Itmad-ud-daulah, Sikandra, Guru Ka Tal, Kinari Bazaar, Gokulpura Marble Market, Bhagwati Dhaba, Raja Ki Mandi, Sadar Bazar, Agra Cantt and Mankameshwar Shiv Mandir with this Open Jeep Agra experience!

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Where: Agra, Uttar Pradesh


  • Tour to explore Agra independently
  • Tour map to guide you throughout
  • Audio guide to help you get the essence of a place
  • Full time assistance

Duration of Tour: 1 day

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6. Be a MasterChef

Image Source: Pixabay.com

When Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay came to India he was amazed with the variety of flavours India presented in its minimalistic, simple yet delightful cuisines that vary every couple of kilometres.

And while most of the cooking and recipes of India originated in the modest kitchens of Indian women, gone are the days when cooking and curating recipes was confined to the females! Men, women, children are all equally engaged in the kitchens today and this is one of the key factors to establish the gender equality in the urban India.

Guys, Step up and step in the kitchen with the aprons on! Girls, let it be a tough fight; walk-in this interactive cooking class where you can learn the nuisances of Indian cooking from an expert, in a family kitchen!

Take up this Cooking course, learn how the best of the Indian curries, lentil soups, Indian paneer (cottage cheese) dishes, chicken curries, tandoori chicken, rice biryanis, chapattis and a vegetable in curd are made and relish it in a family setting at the end of the course

Where: Mumbai, Maharashtra


  • Experience Indian hospitality
  • Learn about traditional Indian family life
  • Learn how to cook classic Indian meals
  • Discover the secrets of spices
  • Get round-trip transfers from anywhere within Mumbai

Duration of Tour: 5 Hours

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7. Take a Rickshaw Ride of the Pink City

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Loud kitschy music oozing out, bright interiors pasted with magazine cut-outs of Bollywood heroines and a swift ride through Jaipur- A rickshaw ride of the pink city is something that will give you an vital feel of India!

Where: Jaipur, Rajasthan


  • Ride through the alleyways of Jaipur on a cycle-rickshaw
  • See iconic sites like Hawa Mahal and Albert Hall
  • Explore the lanes of the Bapu and Johri bazaars and shop with locals
  • Take a tea break over a cup of authentic Indian masala
  • Hear stories of Jaipur’s past and learn about the legends that have shaped the culture today.

Duration of tour: 3 hours

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8. Shop and Splurge in the Mayanagari Mumbai

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Markets flooded with everything you need and heaps of other things you don’t need but will still end-up buying, Mumbai is perhaps the best place for a retail therapy.

Finding a way through its busy, crowded markets can be a task in itself and a local guide to walk you around, helping you pick the best at the cheapest price possible is a deal you can’t refuse!

Where: Mumbai, Maharashtra


  • Guided tour in Air-conditioned Vehicle
  • Visit to Mumbai Markets
  • Jewellery Shops
  • Souvenir Shops

Duration of tour: 5 hours

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9. Boat through the Backwaters of Kerala

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Righteously famed as the ‘Gods own country’, Kerala is a bounty of nature that will awe you with its diverse geography, verdant nature and pristine backwaters.

Start-off from Kochi and explore the striking backwaters of Kerala, admire its surreal beauty and pamper your body and soul with a therapeutic ayurvedic massage.

Where: Kerala


  • Explore the world renowned Kerala Backwaters.
  • Enjoy a traditional lunch with a local host family.
  • Walk through rice paddies and learn about local vegetation.
  • Experience the rich local culture and customs of Kerala.
  • Enjoy an Ayurvedic massage to replenish your body.
  • Guide tour with Lunch and refreshments

Duration of tour: 8 hours

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10. Tour of Ancient Bangalore/ Bengaluru

Image Source: Pixabay.com

If you thought Bangalore was only about plush malls, sprawling IT companies and bustling start-ups yielding young talent, here’s something that can change your mind!

A tour of ancient temples and monuments is all you need, to discover the magnetic and ancient side of Bangalore!

Visit iconic attractions like Dodda Ganapathi Temple, Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple, Bull Temple and Ragi Gudda Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Temple.

The delightful pit stops at local eateries like MTR and Vidyarthi Bhavan make it extra special!

Where: Bangalore/ Bengaluru, Karnatka


  • Tracing the origins of Bangalore City
  • Old temples and Hinduism as a way of life
  • Hindu temple architecture and its significance
  • Feast on local flavours "thindi” at iconic eateries

Duration of tour: 5.30 hours

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