Japan to Modernise 400 Railway Stations Across India

Imagine this scenario: youre strapped for cash and you need to travel urgently. We bet that well find you online constantly looking for that sweet-sweet airfare deal that you know is too good to be true. Were sure that the thought of taking a train has crossed your mind at least once, but no. Its just so inconvenient! Well all agree that train journeys can be harrowing and come with so many problems! Youd sooner walk! But guess what? There is hope yet! For Japan has come to the Indian Railways rescue!

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Participating in the Indian Railways $140 billion (Rs 930650 crore) investment plan over the next five years, Japan has agreed to modernise 400 railway stations across the country! And the Japanese delegation will be heading our way soon to start the work! Isnt that exciting? Finally, taking a train to any destination wont be that big a hassle anymore!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhus recent trip to Japan to strengthen cooperation in the rail sector is what brought about this piece of delightful news. He held a series of high-level meetings with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso, along with a bunch of other ministers to highlight the investment plan. He pointed out the requirement of modernisation and technological upgradation from Japans side. Japan has agreed and now everyones happy!

The Japanese delegation will be working on modernising the selected railway stations along with trying to solve the problem of sanitation by working on the development of waterless and odourless toilets in trains and at stations. They will also provide assistance in the development of a legal framework for high speed railways in India. So, if all goes well, we can expect is a better railway network in the next five years and we could not be more pleased with this news!

We can look forward to another great thing and its called Project Nilgiri. Google Fiber (a technology that Google has only employed in the US till now) will be providing railways stations (400 in the first phase) with a free internet connection through a number of Wi-Fi hotspots that will be set up over a period of four months. The user will get a One Time Password (OTP) to avail the service. During the first 30 minutes, users can enjoy high speeds after which the speed of the connection will reduce. Were not going to be afraid of losing connectivity during our train journeys anymore!

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Japan will also be assisting in India in its zero-accident mission. As we all know, India has a huge problem when it comes to train accidents and derailments. In fact, just a few days back, the famous toy train that plies between Kalka, Haryana and Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, derailed. Unfortunately, two British nationals were killed and 13 people were injured. With Japans help, India hopes to bring the number of train accidents down to zero. We too hope that this aim becomes a reality soon!

It looks like good things are finally happening for the Indian Railways, and were extremely happy about the fact that train journeys in the future wont be as distressing and vexing as they are now! We look forward to a refurbished Indian Railway network! All aboard!

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