An Instagram Guide of Paris to Capture Best Views

By Parul Parashar on Feb 09, 2017
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Oh Paris, you beautiful Paris!
They say Paris is not a city, it's a world. One can never get enough of its exquisiteness. Paris seldom fails to surprise you and never forgets to give you an overwhelming feeling of grandiosity everytime you visit. At every corner of the city, there is something unfamiliar to explore. There is a smell in the air that screams Paris; the architecture, the fashion, the food, everything has a French panache. Although it gives an unparalleled experience of romance and beauty, the hustle in the city can often get a bit maddening.
We are sharing Instagram pictures of some of our favourite places by travelers from all across the globe where you can enjoy the locals' view of this city. So, if you are a instagram lover and planning a trip to Paris, you definitely gonna love this guide. Check out this Instagram guide to Paris for an unforgettable Parisian experience.

1. Musée de la Vie Romantique


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Literally meaning, "Museum of the Romantics", Musée de la Vie Romantique is the most romantic courtyard in the world. If you are seeking some tranquility, pay a visit to this stunning museum between April to October and get access to great tea and coffee. While you are here, don't forget to take pictures for a beautiful trail of memories on Instagram.

2. Passage des Panoramas


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Someone once said that to be Parisian is not to have been born in Paris, but to be reborn. This secret passage would definitely give you the vibes of being reborn here in Paris. You can take endless strolls and still be a curious walker. Considered to be the first covered walkway in Paris, Passage des Panoramas retains its merchant's spirit and the old-world charm.

3. The Seine

Some experiences in the world are free of cost. A walk along the bank of river Seine is one of them. You can't put a price on this out worldly experience when the sun sets and you can see the silhouette of the entire Paris and the Seine glistening and glimmering like golden silk. Calls for a picture, right?

4. Eiffel Tower


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Well, you can't really 'not' talk about The Eiffel Tower when you talk about Paris. The next time you sail to Paris, we advise you to book an apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower right across the window. Can't beat this view. You just can't!

5. Palais Garnier


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If there is an opera house in the world that is a must visit, it's the Palais Garnier. You really don't have to be an opera or a ballet enthusiast to fall in love with the outstanding architecture of this building. There are secret spaces and magnificent sites that will leave you awestruck and wanting for more.

6. Printemps

Once your shopping is done and dusted, a good coffee is a must have! Here's a secret: the next time you shop at Printemps, a Parisian department store in the heart of Paris; take the elevator to the top floor's cafe for a marvelous view of the city. Savor the delicious coffee which is surprisingly affordable! While you are there, a picture or two can surely make for a good Instagram feed.

7. Rue Des Thermopyles


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This quaint cafe has quite an interesting history. Built in 1622, it is located across a windmill which makes it quite dramatic for a cafe. Before it became a bistro, this lovely little place was once a music hall, an open air cafe and even a cabaret. If you are contemplating a romantic dinner, this is the place to be at.

9. Montmartre


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Montmartre to Paris is like The Village to New York. It's a different Paris. Walk around the Place du Tertre on a relaxed day and enjoy the area surrounded by tourists and artists. You can also get your portrait made, shop in the trinket stores and relish your Parisian holiday.
So next time you’re in Paris you know where you need to head to for those one in million Instagram pictures that will make you say "Je t'aime toujours Paris"!
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