Pets of Instagram That Make You Want To Travel More

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If you have a furry pet, then your chances of being my best friend are quite high. Wagging tails and soft purrs make me go weak in the knees. And when you put them in pictures that show breathtaking destinations, they certainly make me swoon. Looking at pictures of Instagram pets who travel across the globe, I wish to have a pet of my own who can be the only companion in my much-planned solo trips. These pets of Instagram are my favorites and are making me move an inch forward towards my wish.    

1. Chapati (@travelingchapati)

Let me start the list with a tail that wagged closer to my home, that is India. Chapati was found by a Ukrainian couple on the streets of Kochi when he was just about 2 years old. The travelling couple adopted him and off they went wandering around. Since then, this wheatish colored dog has travelled to 14 different countries including Italy, Poland, Philippines, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, and of course, India.

2. Mister Bentley (@mrbentley_thedog)


Today is national #takeyourdogtoworkday! Dad!!! I’m ready!!! Let’s do this!

A post shared by Mister Bentley (@mrbentley_thedog) on

Helicopter rides and beautiful backcountry locations aren’t too far when your hooman is a helicopter pilot in Western Canada. Mister Bentley is an English Bulldog and plays the role of a co-pilot on many of his owner’s helicopter trips. Wearing special protective doggie headphones, Bentley poses perfect for Instagram pictures that make you go all awww over him. Mister Bentley co-owns a YouTube Channel wherein you can see him being his weird-self and winning thousands of hearts. 

3. Loki (@loki)


freezes all motor functions. 📸: @jessepackwood

A post shared by Loki the Wolfdog (@loki) on

This husky reminds me of the direwolves from the famous series ‘Game of Thrones’. From sleeping in a hammock with his dad to getting piggyback rides on treks, Loki does it all with his hooman. Having been featured in a few commercials and with a website of his own, Loki has millions of followers. Lovingly called Loki the Wolfdog, his only aim is to inspire his followers to travel around with their furry pets.

4. Burma (@burmaadventurecat)


PNW’s Olympic peninsula

A post shared by Burma Adventure Cat (@burmaadventurecat) on

Burma, although being a cat, does not know the word ‘lazy’. This brown cat is all about outdoor adventures. Be it climbing mountains, swimming in the sea, or exploring a desert, Burma accompanies his hoomans everywhere. Scaling the Grand Tetons and the Ruby Mountains definitely make the best of Burma’s travelogues. At the end of a hectic day, you will see Burma curled up against his owners or lying in a hammock under the sky.  

5. Aspen (@aspenthemountainpup)


I say we go this way Mom and Dad! To the top of the mountain we go!

A post shared by Aspen the Mountain Pup (@aspenthemountainpup) on

Aspen’s Instagram name says it all. Looking at his pictures posted on the social media account, one can see that the golden retriever is determined to scale all the rugged mountains, especially those around Colorado. Aspen does not think twice before jumping into freezing cold lakes or hiking along challenging trails. Besides climbing mountains and cuddling with hoomans, his other favorite thing seems to be snow.  

6. Willow (@vancatmeow)

Willow is a lovely black cat, living every other traveller’s dream-life of traversing around in a campervan. Willow’s owner, who rescued her, quit his job and sold his house and possessions to travel around Australia. Famous on Instagram as an adventure cat, she has seen most of Australia and has now gotten used to road trips.

7. Cooper (@littlecooperbear)

This corgi’s squishy twerking butt, would not only make you want to follow him on Instagram but also to those beautiful places in San Francisco where he travels. From running wild in the Grand Canyon National Park to playing fetch across vast green fields, Cooper has fun at those places that are in every traveller’s bucket list. You can read about his travelogues by heading to his official website.  

8. Ozzie and Ripley (@pawsthatwander)

You can always expect the paws of these two furry pets to be covered in mud. Ozzie - a golden retriever, and Ripley - a husky are two handful dogs that keep their owner-occupied with their antics all the time. Their lovely Instagram pictures will show them digging the snow, rolling in mud, and sprinting across fields. The adorable duo make you want to adopt a pet and set out on a journey of your own. 

9. Bolt and Keel (@boltandkeel)


Adventures are better together, tag your best adventure buddy! 😸😸 #boltandkeel

A post shared by Bolt and Keel (@boltandkeel) on

Bolt and Keel are two tabby cats who would shame their brothers that just keep lazing around. These two make for the perfect adventure buddies. Looking at their wide-eyed pictures on Instagram, you can guess how much they love the outdoors. Owning the best of travel gears like life vests, harnesses, and snow coats, Bolt and Keel certainly give us all some major travel goals. 

10. Yoda (@mariavanonen)

High five to this pupper who is winning hearts all around the world! Although Yoda was terrified on her first few adventures, she now confidently places her trust in her hooman while scaling large rugged mountains. She has also been wandering through the different cities of France, those that we always keep dreaming of visiting once. 

These Instagram pets along with their hoomans truly put forward the essence of travelling. Their pictures would make you want to pack your bags, grab your pet and, go globetrotting. I wish I had one...

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