10 Places In India Similar To International Counterparts

  • UPDATED Sep 07, 2018

We all have a bucket list, which includes things to do all over the world. But sometimes, with our hectic lives, it is not possible to just leave everything and fly all around to experience them all. So, what can be done under such circumstances? We bring to you a list of activities that may be Indian in nature, but by no means, are any lesser than their international counterparts.

1. Skiing Experience of Switzerland on the Slopes of Auli

PC- commons wikimedia/uttarakhandpravasi.com

Whooshing through the snow-clad Swiss Alps is definitely a dream for so many. But not all are lucky enough to make the trip to Switzerland. Well, fear not. Because in Auli, you will find your dream coming true. This ski resort in Uttarakhand has Government-certified instructors even for beginners. So, all you first-timers, it's a great place for you too.

2. The Boneville Salt Flats in Utah are eerily similar to the Rann of Kutch

PC- commons wikimedia/hotelgrand3.com

Walking across the stark white Salt Flats in Boneville will definitely be an epic experience, but the Rann of Kutch is quite a competition to them. With an endless sea of salt crystals dazzling under the sun and moon, the sight is as extraordinary as those of the Salt Flats.

3. The Tulip Garden in Kashmir is as stunning as the Tulip Garden of Amsterdam

PC- Adriano Aurelio Araujo/paradisekashmir.com

So what if you missed the Keukenhof Tulip Festival at Amsterdam, you can always head north to the awe-inspiring Tulip Garden in Kashmir. The heavenly beauty of these flowers are definitely are treat to the eyes.

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4. The Valley of Flowers at Uttarakhand is at par with the Antelope Valley

PC- Wikipedia/Alosh Bennett

Witnessing the Antelope Valley of Flowers in full bloom is undoubtedly the best way to welcome Spring. But in case you cannot travel to the USA, all you have to do is head to the Garhwal Hills in Uttarakhand in the monsoons, and get the same experience when the Valley of Flowers comes alive.

5. The Golden Sands of Thar and Sahara are beyond comparison

PC- Wikipedia/Honza Soukup

Travelling across the sands of the  hauntingly beautiful Sahara Desert is every adventurer's dream. In case you can't fulfil this dream, why not try a Desert Safari in the equally mystical Thar Desert. Ride a camel and sleep under the open skies. Definitely not an experience to miss!

6. The Athirapally Falls give stiff competition to the Niagara Falls

PC- commons wikimedia

The majestic Niagara Falls can only find it's match in the Athirapally Falls, AKA, Niagara Falls of India. For all those who desired to get wet by the waters of the Niagara Falls, these 330-feet wide falls in Kerala surrounded by lush green forests, will surely give you the same experience.

7. India Gate is surely a doppleganger of the Arc de Triomphe

PC- Konstatinos Dafalias/Larry Johnson

The Arc de Triomphe is a must-see in France. That does not mean that you wait to go to France. Touted as a uo;creative reworking of the Arc de Triomphe”, is India's most famous war memorial, the India Gate. Built in honour of the martyred soldiers during World War I, this national monument is quite a sight at night.

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8. Who needs Coffee from Brazil, when there's Coorg?

PC- Wikipedia/commons wikimedia

A sip of coffee from Brazil, the world's largest coffee producer, will be a tantalising experience. And it will be hard to beat the taste and aroma. But Coorg, known as the Coffee Cup of India, will surely give your coffee cravings a rest with a similar experience of A-grade coffee.

9. La Tomatina or Holi, you'll get dirty nevertheless

PC- commons wikimedia

The Spanish sure know how to utilise the excess tomatoes in a way that is super-fun! La Tomatina festival is definitely one of a kind. But, our Festival of Colours, is a unique experience too. Played with colours instead of tomatoes, Holi is ,hands-down, a worldwide phenomenon.

10. Can't shop from the Floating Markets of Bangkok, check out the Floating Markets of Srinagar

PC- Walter Lim/Prasanth Chandran

Bangkok is known for its Floating Markets, with vendors selling vegetables, fruits, flowers, food, and everything possible. But if you haven't had the chance to experience it yet, head to Srinagar. The Floating Market in Srinagar against the scenic backdrop of Dal Lake is an experience you will not want to miss.

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So, there you go! Don't wait for that long leave you have been waiting to apply for to fly across borders just to fulfil your dreams. Just pack your bags and check out the wonders our country has to offer that can beat any international destination. 

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