New Form Of Memories- 20 Travel Tattoos For A True-Blue Traveller

  • Dec 18, 2015
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From the spiritual tattoos that monks draw during the annual Tattoo Festival conducted at Wat Bang Phra, Thailand to the wacky and creative tattoos you can get done at any of the tattoo parlours in your city, let’s face it, the appeal of tattoos is here to stay.

If you are always down with wanderlust, if you feel trapped when you stay in one place for a long time, if you are a true-blue traveller, this post is for you. I believe that travel tattoos are the new forms of memories- souvenirs that you will cherish forever. Here are a few designs that our fellow travellers have opted for. Which ones do you like the best?

1. This one is so cool...

travel tattoos

Image Source:

2. Navigate across the globe...

Image Source:

3. I can see the whole world anytime, anywhere...

Image Source: shopspiritink on Instagram

4. Indeed... 

Image Source:

5. Not all those who wander are lost...

Image Source:

6. I love the serenity of the mountains and the music of the ocean... 

Image Source: fadingout_ on Instagram

7. Got the world at my feet...

Image Source:

8. Bon Voyage...

Image Source: kizun_ on Instagram

9. Skyline tattoos are so innovative...

Image Source: travel_tattoos on Instagram

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10. The city of love...

Image Source:

11. Take me to London...

Image Source:

12. Set Sail...

Image Source:

13. There's something happening somehwere and I have to be there...

Image Source:

14. Off to a dream destination...

Image Source:

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15. My heart is set on travelling...

Image Source:

16. The world is my home...

Photo Credit: Job De Quay

17. And what I saw left me mesmerised...

Image Source:

18. Where to next...?

Image Source:

19. I have to leave, the world is waiting...

Image Source:

20. Off I go to Neverland... 

Image Source:

My favourite one is the beautifully intricate hot air balloon. I’m thinking of getting it inked soon. Which one/s did you love? Do you have any travel tattoos inked on you? If yes, do share a picture with us.  

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