8 Intriguing Tunnels In India

  • UPDATED Apr 24, 2018

When I was a kid, I used to be scared of tunnels. The darkness, the dampness and the spooky sounds that co-passengers (sometimes cousins, sometimes random people) used to make scared the daylights out of me! Even now, while travelling through a tunnel, I get goose bumps. But there is something about tunnels that is so mysterious, so secretive, so intriguing. These exciting passages just add to the thrill of a journey.

Here’s a list of intriguing tunnels in India that you have to take a journey through just to feel the thrill:  

1. Pir Panjal Tunnel:

Photo by Owais Khursheed

The Pir Panjal Tunnel, also known as the Banihal Railway Tunnel, is the longest railway tunnel in India. Located in Jammu and Kashmir the tunnel is a stunning example of engineering. Running through the highest mountain pass on the eastern Pir Panjal range, the tunnel is also the highest in India.

Length: 11.215 kilometres

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2. Maliguda Tunnel:

Located between Koraput and Jeypore, the Maliguda Tunnel is the highest broad-gauge railway tunnel in India and coincidently, the second highest in the world. Situated on top of the hill in Maliguda village, Orissa, the entire train journey offers picturesque vistas.

Length: 0.2 kilometres

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3. Tike Tunnel:

The Tike Tunnel falls on the railway route connecting Ratnagiri and Nivasar, Maharashtra. The entire Konkan Railway route is a beautiful and scenic one and you should ride on the train atleast once.   

Length: 4 kilometres

4. Kamshet Tunnel:

Photo by Kprateek88

Located near Kamshet in Pune, the Kamshet Tunnel is the longest road tunnel in the state of Maharashtra. Having 2 tubes with 3 lines each, the tunnel lies on the majestic Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

Length: 1.84 kilometres

5. Jawahar Tunnel:

Belonging to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the Jawahar Tunnel also known as Banihal Tunnel is situated between Banihal and Qazigund. One of the longest road tunnels in India, the tunnel has high tech facilities like temperature sensors, ventilation system, CCTVs and a world-class lighting system.

Length: 2.5 kilometres

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6. Karbude Tunnel:

Photo by Penazzi

Before the Pir Panjal tunnel was built, the Karbude Tunnel was the longest rail tunnel in India. Considered an engineering marvel, the tunnel is located on the Konkan Railway route. It is also known to be the longest tunnel on that particular railway line.

Length: 6.5 kilometres

7. Rohtang Tunnel:

The Rohtang Tunnel is currently under construction and is being built on the Manali-Leh highway under the Rohtang Pass. Once complete, it will be one of the longest road tunnels in India. The Rohtang Pass remains closed during the winters due to heavy snowfall. The Rohtang tunnel was thus planned to ensure all year round connectivity.  

Length: 8.8 kilometres

8. Chenani-Nashri Tunnel:

Photo by Patchy 1

Currently under construction, the Chenani- Nashri Tunnel is going to be the longest tunnel in India after completion. A major road tunnel project, it is also known as Patnitop Tunnel and is located in the Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir.  

Length: 9.2 kilometres

Take a journey through these intriguing tunnels and let us know how your experience was.

Disclaimer: Some images are for representative purposes only.

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