Fly In Air India With Rajdhani Express Waiting Ticket

Are you one of those who are stuck on the waiting list on trains? Have you had sleepless nights not sure whether you would be actually able to board that train with a confirmed ticket?

Here’s Indian Railways bringing you good news!

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IRCTC has joined hands with Indian Airlines to facilitate the passengers of Rajdhani express that don’t are stuck on the train’s waiting list.

How? The passengers of Rajdhani who don’t have a confirmed ticket will be allotted a seat on an Air India flight, provided the airline has the same service route on the particular day.

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A venture initiated to fill the empty seats on the Air India flights, this comes as an excellent opportunity to the passengers who are stuck on the waiting list and want to reach their destinations anyhow.

While the first class ticket holders of the Rajdhani will have to pay no extra amount to claim the ticket on the Air India Flight, the other passengers might have to pay around 2000 INR as an additional amount.

The service is expected to fall into place in a week and Air India’ roaster will have more inter-city connections.

Chairman and Managing Director of Air India,  Ashwani Lohani said they have received a positive response for the idea from the state representatives and  Air India will be launching Virgin routes to increase the connectivity within the country.

This association will benefit both- the passengers and the Air India.

So next time you are on the waiting list of Rajdhani, chances are, you’ll be upgraded to a flight journey!

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