IRCTC to allow PNR linking for connecting trains, makes it easy to claim refunds

By Aaditee Kulkarni on Mar 01, 2019
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Starting from 1 April 2019, passengers can benefit from the newest rule that has been introduced by the Indian Railways. According to this passenger-friendly initiative, passengers who are travelling on connecting trains can link their PNRs. This will ease the process of claiming refunds for the second train. In addition to this, the other refund rules have also been improved.  

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1. What is PNR linking?

In case the passenger is booking two connecting train journey, he/she is given two different PNRs (Passenger Name Record), one for each journey. According to the new circular issued by the Piyush Goyal-led Indian Railways, passengers can now link these two PNRs. 

2. Who will be benefited?

Indian Railways passengers have faced problems in the past while claiming a refund, in case they have missed their connecting train. The reasons may vary; from the first train getting delayed, running late, or even getting cancelled. This new initiative will help passengers get a refund for their second train easily. The new rule is applicable for tickets booked through IRCTC website, the ones booked at PRS (Personal Response System) counters, or a combination of both.

 Features of this new initiative:

  • All passenger with a ticket (with or without reservation) can benefit from this new rule 
  • Only the fare of the untravelled portion of the journey will be refunded
  • No cancellation or clerkage charges will be levied if the passengers are able to submit their ticket within a certain time frame 
  • The passenger details (including the name) must be same on both PNRs
  • This PNR linking can be done across all classes of travel

 New Refund rules 2019 for connecting trains:

  • The second ticket cancellation is only allowed at the station where the first journey terminates, and the second journey originates. This means that the destination station of the first train and the boarding station of the second train must be the same
  • The ticket should be surrendered within 3 hours of the of the actual arrival of the train
  • The refund will only be issued at the train station
  • If no counter is available, the TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) will be issued and will be valid for up to 3 days. The CCM (Chief Commercial Manager) or the Refund Office will then examine the case and grant a full refund
  • In the case of IRCTC e-tickets, the TDR can be filed within 3 hours and in case of PRS counter ticket, a passenger will have to get in touch with the counter at the changeover station within 3 hours
  • TDR should be filed with the reason “missing the connecting train due to late running of the main train.”

TripHobo's Take - This initiative will help passengers in hassle-free refunds and in turn, will attract more travellers gradually. We are looking forward to such passenger-friendly rules.

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