12 Best Islands Near Pattaya To Visit

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One of the most happening places in Thailand, Pattaya is infamous for its raging nightlife. There are a host of restaurants, bars, amusement parks among other entertainment that can be found all through the city. All these factors indeed beckon a time of your life. But amidst all this hullabaloo if you happen to crave some peace and tranquility, Pattaya is surrounded by just as many tranquil islands as it is with an almost countless number of bars, restaurants, pubs, and clubs. Here’s a heads up on some of the best islands near Pattaya that are absolutely worth a visit. Trust us, these are perfect to kick away that hangover from the new moon party! 

1. Koh Lan for its coral goodness

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most popular islands near Pattaya, Koh Lan is visited for its beautiful coral recreation opportunities. Several speedboat agencies offer daily rides to this island that lies at about forty-five minutes from Pattaya’s west coast. Also known as Koh Larn, the island bequeaths you with a host of water sports like parasailing, banana boat rides, glass-bottom boat tours, jet skiing and much more. This piece of paradise is also perfect to be a beach bum and work that tan on!

Distance from Pattaya: 7.5 kilometers
Beaches on the island: Ta Waen Beach, Samae Beach, Nual Beach, Tien Beach

2. Koh Krok straight out of a thriller classic

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you are considering island hopping in Pattaya, or even Thailand for that matter the Koh Krok has got to be on your list. As if, straight out of a James Bond movie this island resembles a plot dealing in secretly, sophisticated activities, complete with a house-like setting atop a hillock! The island along with being one of the smallest islands near Pattaya having a circumference of 100-odd meters also happens to be the closest to the city. Recreational activities such as dining, jet skiing, snorkeling and diving are popular here. There are no accommodations, however. To get here, you will have to rent a speed boat charter, from Bali Hai Pier or any mainland beach. 

Distance from Pattaya: 9 kilometers
Beaches on the island: Koh Krok beach

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3. Koh Khram the largest island in the bay

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Koh Khram or Ko Khram Yai is known to have some of the best beaches near Pattaya. Along with that Koh Khram is also credited to be the largest island in the bay, owing to a length of 5.7 kilometers. The island is a great blend of rocky as well as beach banks. Despite all this beauty, one can hardly spend an hour here, owing to its ownership by the Royal Thai Navy. So, you can head to this island if you want to be spellbound, albeit for a brief while. To get here, board a ferry from Sattahip or a longtail boat ride from its neighboring islands of Koh Khram Noi and Koh Klet Kaew.

Distance from Pattaya: 3.4 kilometers
Beaches on the island: Ko Khram Yai Beach

4. Koh Klet Kaew, Thailand's monkey island

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Koh Klet Kaew is one of the most-visited islands around Pattaya, since it is home to numerous monkeys that also have this beach monikered as the Monkey Island of Thailand. A thick layer of vegetation covers this island that breeds monkeys that known for their characteristic of crab eating. This is not just Pattaya’s, but even Thailand’s major draw for tourism. Thus, accounting for the fact that the four-legged friends are used to human interactions. The beach is a pebbly beach, not favorable for water sports. However, activities here include feeding the monkeys; watermelons are their favorite. You can get here by renting a private sea boat or head to Sai Keao beach from where you can avail trips to the Koh Klet Kaew.

Distance from Pattaya: 10 kilometers 
Beaches on the island: Koh Klet Kaew Beach

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5. Koh Thalu, up close and personal with sea turtles

Image Source: Youtube.com

A preferred destination for day trips from Pattaya, the Ko Thalu offers a wide variety of water sports and activities. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the most undertaken activities at this island, owing to the crystal clear underwaters here. Other than these activities, the island is a popular spot to watch sea turtles come to the shore to lay eggs, during the months of June and July. There is a distinct natural arch too at the island that is one of the highlights of Koh Thalu. A standalone stall serves delicious local snacks.

Distance from Pattaya: NA
Beaches on the island: Koh Thalu beach

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6. Koh Sak, a crescent shaped gem

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The most distinct feature of the Koh Sak is its glorious U-curve. It was once a haven of the rich and affluent, and also boasts of Neil Armstrong’s footprints post his landing from the moon. There are two beaches here that define the characteristic horseshoe shape of this island with sand as soft as powder. What’s more? Visit this place for a pleasant history enlightenment given the list of the legends that have visited this place. Diving and snorkeling too can be indulged in at this beach, suitable for beginners as well. Several speed boat agencies offer daily services from Pattaya.

Distance from Pattaya: 1 kilometer
Beaches on the island: Northern beach and southern beach

7. Koh Rin and its sun worshippers

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Koh Rin or the Gnat Island is popular for being an island dotted by sun worshippers. Now, before you strike off this island as something to do with spirituality, hold on. As popular as it for being frequented by sun worshippers, the island is also a popular destination for water sports. Snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the most widely undertaken activities here, that are accounted by its supremely clear waters. The Royal Thai Navy has a gunnery range engulf this region, albeit nothing to stress over. A 90-minute speedboat charter from Pattaya is the best way to reach Koh Rin.

Distance from Pattaya: 23 kilometers
Beaches on the island: Koh Rin Beach

8. Koh Si Chang, a little bit of Europe in Thailand

Image Source: Pixabay.com

It is hard to ever question what to do in Pattaya or Bangkok when you have so many islands, popular as well as hidden islands of Thailand to explore. The Koh Si Chang might, however, make you doubt of your geographical location! Resembling a quaint European beach town, this island is a plethora of pagodas, temples, and shrines to explore other than the peculiar island watersport activities. Good food is another highlight of Koh Si Chang that lies very close to Bangkok. To reach Koh Si Chang, you are required to take a ferry from Sri Racha, a town that lies between Bangkok and Pattaya.

Distance from Pattaya: 25.8 kilometers
Beaches on the island: Haad Tham Phang or the Collapsed Cave Beach

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9. Koh Samet for cliffs as translucent as its waters 

Image Source: d.aniela/flickr.com

Breathtaking translucent cliffs and beaches, Koh Samet has the best of both worlds. After all its natural beauty praises, this Pattaya island cannot go unmentioned as a party destination for people from both Bangkok as well as Pattaya. Every year, the island is the venue of a much looked forward to event of Thai pop and rock music festival. All these features have led to a good number of accommodations at Koh Samet befitting all budgets. Rent an ATV to explore the town at its best. It takes about twenty minutes to reach by a charter speedboat from Rayong.

Distance from Pattaya: 36.9 kilometers
Beaches on the island: Hat Sai-kaew, Ao Hin Hok, Ao Phai

10. Hua Hin, an island or a resort town?!

Image Source: BK/flickr.com

What’s not to love about a place that is out and out a resort town!? With a glorious history of fishing attached to it, Hua Hin is one beautiful mélange of the old and modern. It was in the 1920’s that the development of this resort town started taking place after it became fashionable to head here for a quick break from both Bangkok and Pattaya. Today there is a surfeit of resorts, restaurants, and bars along with lots of watersports including kitesurfing. It takes longer to reach Hua Hin from Pattaya than any other island. This is because you need to travel to Bangkok and further take a ferry to Hua Hin.

Distance from Pattaya: 326.2 kilometers
Beaches on the island: Hua Hin Beach, Takiap Hill Beach, Khao Tao Beach, Sam and Phraya Beach

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11. Jomtien, Pattaya's favorite makeshift destination

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Jomtien or Chom Tian has a bunch of mixed reviews. Popular for its resorts and restaurants this island has received quite some flak for having polluted waters. Its rising commercialization, given the fact that several from Bangkok are buying second homes here, is one of the main cause of this pollution. However, if you don’t mind a quick break from Pattaya or Bangkok, this is a great place. Check in at a good hotel, and you’re good to go for the weekend. Para-sailing, Jet-skiing, and scuba diving are some of the most popular watersports here, however not highly endorsed. The Jomtien Beach here is Pattaya’s one and only gay beach. There are taxi and bus services to Jomtien from Pattaya.

Distance from Pattaya: 6.3 kilometers
Beaches on the island: Jomtien Beach or Dongtan Beach

12. Ko Kudi, watersports galore

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Want some more adventure than that of watersports? We have Ko Kudi, last on this list given its variety of things to do. It's powdery soft beaches are and pristine waters are sure very popular for watersports but this is one gem of a destination when it comes to camping! The island possesses just the right amount of peace you need after all that partying in Pattaya. It is pretty much untouched by commercialization retaining its best natural form. This is why this place still flourishes with abundant marine life, you are not going to see anywhere else near Pattaya. To reach Koh Kudi rent a boat from either Ko Samet or Ban Phe.

Distance from Pattaya: NA
Beaches on the island: Koh Kudi beach

These are our favorite islands near Pattaya. What are yours? Let us know in the comments section below!

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