24 Hrs In Jaipur With Jaunting Journeys

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Jaipur is undoubtedly one of the most sought after destination in India among domestic and international travelers alike. This is one the largest City of Rajasthan and first well planned City of India. 

Popularly known as Pink City as most of the buildings in Old Jaipur are Pink in color. The city is rich with culture, heritage, wondrous architecture and has played an important role in the Indian history. What makes this city easy going for a traveler is that It is well connected by rail, road and air transport. For commuting within the city, one can opt for a cab or if on budget, take electric rickshaw.  Let’s get started with spending a day in Jaipur.

Morning -

If you are staying at hotel, enjoy the hotel’s complimentary breakfast(provided the hotel gives that option) or you can even try out the Thali House nearby the Sindhi Bus Stand or any other local place to try out their native cuisine.

Hawa Mahal

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It is the most famous tourist spot of Jaipur which got its name because of the high wall built for the women to witness the celebrations on the streets from within without being noticed by the commuters.  The place is perfect for history lovers and offers some great shots for photographers. It would take about an hour to finish off with this.

City palace

At the walking distance from hawa mahal is your next destination. The place takes you to witness and feel the luxury and royalty like a king. The architecture, glory and opulence cannot be described in words. It is best to go see it for yourself to feel it. By taking the VIP pass you can even get insights to some special rooms. The present king still resides in the palace.

Jantar Mantar

Head to the next place located adjacent to the city palace  - ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’, an architectural marvel this UNESCO world heritage site is worth a visit. Be careful not to get yourself lost in the place. Hiring a local guide is highly recommended. Buy a combo ticket with other attraction to get free entry here.

Jal Mahal

The palace is situated in the middle of the Mansagar lake from which the place gets its name. One has to take a ferry ride to reach the mahal. Spend some time witnessing the beauty of the palace and go ahead for lunch, head up by 2:00 pm.


Amer Fort

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Located 11 kms from Jaipur this 16th Century fort is one of the bestest Rajput, Hindu and Muslim style architecture you will behold. The place offers a beautiful sunset. The light show must be experienced for sure. Elephant ride and garden visit should also be added in your must-do list. Before you know, the clock ticks faster and it’s time to on with your journey. Ideally you need 30 minutes to an hour to explore this place.

Snow park or Trade centre

Snow Park is an artificially made park to give the feel and enjoyment of snow in the hot weather of the city. It is situated inside a mall and cost Rs. 650 per head in which includes the costume and a can of soft drink. You are given one hour to indulge yourself inside.

Trade centre is a mall with all luxurious brands available for you to shop. Now since we only have a day it’s your choice either to enjoy with your family at the Snow Park in -6 degrees temperature (skiing, sliding, and photography) or go shopping in a mall if you are a shopaholic and consider trip is incomplete without it. Both place are nearby at a walking distance so make your wise choice.


Choki Dhani

One stop place to spend the evening and enjoy the finger licking Rajasthani food. You have option for a normal ambience or a Rajasthani one. Reach the place at max by 7:00 pm. The place offers rustic village theme with folk dances, traditional attires and a market to buy souvenirs for you to take back home. You can easily spend 3-4 hours or more at this place. Once gastronomically sated, it’s time to head back to your rooms and enjoy a good night sleep or you han an option to book a stay for you at Choki Dhani resort itself.

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