Traveling to Japan - the Visa Process Just Got Easier!

By Renuka Shahane on Nov 17, 2017
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Often neglected when it comes to an abroad trip from India, Japan is an ethereal beauty, without a doubt. The country of rising sun, stunning cherry blossom and lip-smacking sushi deserves a visit and for someone who isn’t a fan of long flights, Japan is a great destination to visit from India.

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And if you were sceptical about the visa process, here’s a good news!

Japanese Visa for Indians just got easier. 

Japan is relaxing the visa processing for Indians. Under this newly introduced policy that will take effect from 1st of January 2018, Indians will be granted multiple-entry visas for short-term stay. This will not only help frequent business travelers to Japan from India, but also the tourists!

Along with the change in the duration of the visa, the process is also anticipated to become smoother, with lesser documents. After the implementation of the new policy, only three documents will be needed- passport and visa application form (with photo) and documents for financial support, for tourists. 

For business travelers, related documents will be required and frequent business travelers can get a visa for up to 5 years.

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Earlier in February, Japan had relaxed the visa policy for Indians. With tourist and business visa policy simplifying, more Indians are expected to travel to Japan 2018 onwards! 

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