Reasons To Visit Jatayu Nature Park in Kerala

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Kerala would have bewitched many a travelers owing to its enticing lush green beauty and vast terrain. Well, come 2016 and there will be more reasons to travel to this pristine land as Jatayu Nature Park is ready for public. Blending legend, mythology and modernity, this park will introduce you the parts of Ramayana that you must have heard since your childhood. Located in Chatatayamangalam in Kollam district, this park will definitely add volumes to the tourism quotient of Kerala. Housing the mythical bird Jatayu's sculpture atop a hill, the largest bird sculpture in the world, this park will also keep you entertained and educated through various other activities and highlights.

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Let us begin with an introduction to Jatayu: In the Indian epic Ramayana, Jatayu is the youngest son of Aruna. What makes this mythical creature important to Ramayana is that Jatayu tries to rescue Sita from Ravana when he is on his way to Lanka after kidnapping Sita. Jatayu also stands for bravery and dedication as he fought valiantly with Ravana, but as Jatayu was very old Ravana succeeds to kill him in the end. As Rama and Lakshamana chanced upon the stricken and dying Jatayu in their search for Sita, he informs them of the fight between him and Ravana and tells them that he had gone south.

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Geographical location and description: Jatayu Nature Park is a 65-acre park that will boast a 200ft-long sculpture of Jatayu. This park sits on a 1,000-ft tall hill in the village of Chadayamangalam (Kollam district). According to the local belief, it is here that Jatayu died. This belief rests upon the evidence that here you can find Lord Ram’s footprint etched in stone.

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About the sculpture: The most prominent part of the park will be the world's largest bird sculpture replicating Jatayu, measuring 200 feet in length, 150 feet in breadth, and 70 feet in height. The sculpture is being developed by renowned filmmaker Rajiv Anchal on a 15,000 square feet platform, at an altitude of 1,000 feet. Standing on such a height you shall be able to enjoy the beautiful 360-degree views of mountains stretching along the horizon, surrounded by thick foliage all around.

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Other Sections of this Park: The Jatayu National Park will have a Ramayana museum, a ‘6D theatre’ that will show the tense battle between Jatayu and Ravana, and a viewing deck with a telescope that looks over the lush rainforests and hills around.

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  • The first phase of the park with an adventure zone which has a three kilometre radius will have more than 20 games, including paint ball, laser tag, archery, rifle shooting, rock climbing, bouldering, ATVs and rappelling, along with a number of sights to go through.
  • The park will house India's first state-of-the-art cable car.
  • There will be Ayurveda cave resorts, with stay and spa facilities.

Coimbatore Ramayana Theme Park: There is a similar park in Coimbatore that is based on the theme of Ramayana with characters and events highlighted to make people aware of the legend.

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What makes India a unique nation is that we have nestled tradition and modernity in seamless harmony. Creating an adventure/nature park keeping in mind the mythological relevance will definitely keep our tradition and legend alive.

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