Shark Expedition Tour On Jaws 40th Anniversary

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2015 is the year that marks the 40 years of the release of the iconic and terrifying movie that not only made the viewers clench in their seats but also opened new arenas of fear-fiction- Jaws!

The film was petrifying so much so that its cast later made a confession that they couldnt believe they were in the movie.

While some of you might be terrified with just the idea of these creatures out there in the sea, there are adventure buffs who will jump on the idea of going on a shark expedition! Commemorating the 40th year since the release date of Jaws, the Shark Expeditions JAWS 40th Anniversary Tour with non-other than the miracle survivor Rodney Fox will surely give you an adrenaline rush. The first-hand experiences from the famed shark attack survivor and filmmaker Fox will make the experience outstanding.  

So whats on the itinerary on this super-exploratory Shark expedition?

Lets have a look!

Day 1:


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Departing from Port Lincoln, Australia this day includes swimming with the sea lions and touring the iconic shark diving locations including Dangerous reef and Memory cove- where Rodney witnessed the biggest white shark during the filming of Jaws.


Photo by Jacqui Barker

Dont get scared already! The voyage then heads to the Neptune Islands- the paradise of white sharks!

Day 2:

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On the Northern Neptune Islands, get ready to observe gigantic Dorsal Fins and the surface cages allow you to have a closer look! For those interested in exploring more of the spine-chilling Jaws in the ocean water cage, the professional scuba instructors will take you deep down!

Day 3:

This day is dedicated to Surface and Ocean Floor diving and you can also observe shark and wildlife watching from the observation deck of the boat.


You can hop on the tender boat; observe the adorable New Zealand Fur Seals and also walk around the Neptune islands, go bird watching and watch the activities of Australian Sea lions.


Day 4:

A day for snorkelling and diving around the Hopkins Islands, click pictures with photogenic sea lions and enjoy fine Australian wine in the company of gorgeous dolphins!


Photo by Damien Dempsey

Relive the Jaws, hear to the stories from Rodney Fox, divulge the tales of the sea hidden deep down and encounter the predators that will give you sleepless nights; because as they say,

Everything you want is on the other side of the fear

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