Johnny Ward - Earning Million Dollars While Travelling

It’s true. About half of the working force of the world is dissatisfied with their job and life in general. Irrespective of their salaries and lifestyle, more and more people are questioning the true value of life and where they are heading. Sure, I love to travel and would swap my tedious daily routine for an unpredictable life-on-the-go any day. But despite the many New Year resolutions that have eventually given up on me, I have not been able to do anything about this nagging voice inside of me.

If you’re like me, you would love to hear about this regular-but-no-ordinary guy called Johnny Ward. This guy, on the face of it, is not so different than most of us. Having seen very humble beginnings, for Johnny, traveling was a luxurious, unimaginable dream for most of his life. Raised by a single mother, Johnny saw many dire days when life was but a struggle to make ends meet.

As he grew up, Johnny made most of his graduate degree and climbed the ladder to get a well-paying job. He grabbed the opportunities to work abroad and worked varied jobs like on summer camps in USA and as an English instructor in Thailand. In Australia, he made some real money as a sales professional and although his company lured him with a higher pay scale, his wanderlust was too profound to be muted by money.

Finally having enough cash to spend on a faraway destination, Johnny booked a one way ticket to Zimbabwe, a decision that hurled his world upside down. Although he admits that there is no short cut to big money, he is quick to mention that starting his blog was one of his best decisions ever. He is now the owner of a million-dollar company that specializes in content and SEO management.

His undeterred perseverance and passion for traveling has taken him around the world to about 150 countries and counting. He’s had life changing experiences and even met his girlfriend while on his travels. This self-confessed tech simpleton uses his laptop to manage his work and employees, most of whom he hasn’t met and are spread all across the world.
According to Johnny, ‘if you’re not happy, a good salary isn’t progress. It’s financial prison.’ He is the living example of what happens if you let yourself go beyond societal conformations and decide that your life is in fact, yours to live.

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So while all of us are busy saving for a retirement that we will be too old to enjoy, Johnny is making memories that will last him a lifetime. Johnny’s story is not just inspiring but also like a rude awakening to those of us who have chosen to be okay with our mundane lives. When we look back, we might just find that our life is full of things that we didn’t have the courage to do instead of things that we actually did.

Johnny is now working on designing a course that teaches others how he achieved so much while living his dream.
Traveling the world indefinitely is not an unachievable dream. All it needs is a little bit of selfishness and lot of resolve. Money, shelter and food become consequences if you’re determined to make it work.

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Johnny’s introduction ends with a beautiful saying by Vincent Van Gogh , ‘If you hear a voice within you say ''you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced’ . Cheers to that.

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