Keep Calm and Relax: Best Tree Houses and Jungle Resorts Near Pune

Maharashtra's cultural capital, Pune is no less than a natural wonder. Situated amidst the enthralling Sahyadri mountain range, Pune has it all to satisfy your craving for nature. Moreover, there is something or the other for every travel junkie. So you can go trekking to one of the numerous forts or just enjoy a laidback vacation  in one of the hill stations. If you are not at all interested in both, why not try an amalgamation of both which is thrilling as well as fun.
We bring you the list of tree houses and jungle resorts which are total fun but with a tinge of thrill:
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1. The Jungle Resort, Amba

Another natural marvel, The Jungle Resort, Amba is situated in the Western Ghats and is about 65 km away from Kolhapur and is easily accessible from Pune. Rejuvenate yourself with some natural beauty by visiting The Jungle Resort which falls in the buffer zone of Sahyadri Tiger Reserve and Dajipur Bison Sanctuary. The resort is a must stay place for those who are animal lovers. In addition, the location of the resort is soaked in the history of Marathas and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. After your wild safari, you can relish on some authentic Kolhapuri cuisine which includes the crowd favourite Tambda Rassa and Pandhra Rassa.

2. Machan

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One of the most popular eco-resorts in India, Machan is a perfect combination of adventure and luxury. The tree houses can give a tough competition to five-star hotels when it comes to luxury. The tree houses, which are 30 to 45 feet above the ground offer a spectacular view of the scenic locales. Truly, a paradise on earth! Machan offers you plenty of opportunities for bird watching, of course, if you are interested in it.

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3. Eco Village:

Situated near Warasgaon Dam, Eco Village is the perfect place to lay back and enjoy a chilled out vacation. Located near hills and lake, the jungle stay is about 57 km from Pune and is in Pathershet village.
The activities offered when at Eco Village are trekking, lake-side swimming, campfire, machan and astronomical experience with the telescope.

4. Blue Mormon Jungle Holiday Resort

Named after the blue Mormon butterfly, this resort is situated amidst the Sahyadri. Bhimashankar, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, is easily accessible from the resort. The mesmerising locales are an eye pleaser and one more reason to stay at this resort. The resort is surrounded by jungle which is also declared as a wildlife sanctuary. There are deluxe as well as semi-deluxe packages which are specially designed for tourists like you which also include breakfast, lunch, and dinner in addition to accommodation.

5. Hornbill Deluxe Hill Resort



Another one from Amba, Hornbill Deluxe Hill Resort is about 234 km from Pune and takes about 3.5 hours. If you are planning to have a long six-day vacation but are too lazy to travel interstate or intercity, then why not head to Hornbill Deluxe Hill Resort. The resort has designed an itinerary of six days in which you'll witness the scenic beauty of Amba. With various temples, Vishalgad reserved forest, Kasari Dam, Manoli dam or Panhala fort, your visit to Amba will truly be an affair to remember. 
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6. Hidden village

If you are craving for a different experience with a more rural and rustic feel, then Hidden Village is your kind of place. Located in Mulook village which happens to be in a close proximity to Pune, Hidden village is truly home away from home. You can enjoy freshly made food specially cooked for you or just a stroll in the area surrounding Hidden village. The prices are affordable and will not get hard for your pocket. There are various houses which can be rented for accommodation like Patil House or Crest House.
So this weekend, witness the tranquility of nature by visiting one of these beautiful resorts near Pune and create a perfect itinerary with TripHobo trip planner.

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