KAYAK Gives Out One Way Ticket To Canada

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While the rest of the World takes entertainment in form of Donald Trump and Clinton’s quest for being absurd as an inevitable companion of their morning tea; the most fearsome nation of the World does not seem as indifferent. For the first time, a large population of the country is hiding it’s face behind their computer screens in fear itself. While Canada has almost always been portrayed as the chilled out nation full of Robin Scherbatzkys and maple syrups of the world, it is currently becoming the next it destination to move to for Americans, if google searches are to be believed. Looks like an unintended sense of humor is not a quality that everybody wants in their President, after all!

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After seeing the result of Super Tuesday, the entire world collectively had one thought, this comedian just tweeted what all of us were thinking at the moment.

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While Bernie supporters are supporting him frantically, most people do not see the chances looking very good for them. Off late, most of them have stopped seeing Trump as simply the owner of the houses they are living in or the clown who makes them laugh on low days. The recent search trends in America show that more and more people are typing out "How to move to Canada”. In the recent light of these virtual events, KAYAK- a well known travel booking service is doing it’s bit in consoling the potential political victims. Following the report of these trends, KAYAK wants to give Trump Haters a  one way ticket to Canada. Of course like all offers, this is more or less a lottery system too. So maybe you were not lucky enough to find the Golden Ticket in Wonka’s chocolate bars, but this one is going to be no less if Trump manages to overshadow the World with his apparent innate racist skills. Clinton haters on the other hand, can continue doing what they have been doing the best since the past n number of years, bring her down in the comforts of their own home!

source- KAYAK

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To save a little cost (which you are going to be in any case after moving to Canada) retweet about this amazing initiative for people who do really need it. All you have to do is until 4th of March, tweet #1waytocanada and make your chances of winning this ticket stronger than Trump losing the elections. Also America, be grateful to Canada now. Looks like it is going to be your next house. Otherwise urge your extremist fellow voters to gain a little perspective before all perspective blurs out behind racist surroundings of the greatest nation in the World! May the power be with you!

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* If being offended was your first reaction, we are sorry, we are just spreading the good word about the social service!

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