Top 9 Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata

By Renuka Shahane on Oct 06, 2015
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Everybody deserves a relaxing weekend after a taxing week. And if you live in a metro like Kolkata, your work schedule is just exponentially hectic.

If you are looking for a weekend off with your family or just yourself, these are the mind-blowing weekend destinations near Kolkata that will serve as a perfect weekend getaways:

1. Beaches of Mandarmani and Digha

Photo by Sayamindu Dasgupta

Approximate Distance From Kolkata: 180 Kilometres
How To Reach: Car/ Bus
Best Known For: Mandarmani is best known for its 13 kilometre long stretch of beach which also happens to be one of the longest drivable beaches in India, the red crabs crawling around it makes it more alluring! The neo dunes are also worth admiring. Digha is also a popular beach town just a few kilometres away from Mandarmani and is frequented by tourists.

2. Bishnupur


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Approximate Distance From Kolkata: 145 Kilometres
How To Reach: Car/ Bus/ Train
Best Known For: Its Baluchari Sarees and Teracotta temples! A capital of Mall kingdom for around 1000 years, the temples of Bishnupur date back to the 17th century and exhibit classic Bengal architecture.

3. Bakkhali

Photo by eutrophication&hypoxia

Approximate Distance From Kolkata: 125 Kilometres
How To Reach: Bus/Car
Best Known For: Located on a Deltaic Island on Bay of Bengal, Bakkhali is known as a best sunset and sunrise watching point is a perfect weekend getaway from Kolkata. Stunning beaches dotted with red crabs, Henry’s Island, watch tower and Crocodile Park are some attractions in Bakkhali you can’t miss!

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4. Gadiara

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Approximate Distance From Kolkata: 80 Kilometres
How To Reach: Bus/ Car
Best Known For: The meeting point of River Hoogly, River Damodar and River Rupnarayan, Gadiara is a great place to go river cruising. Observe the twinkling lights of the town, visit the Fort Morington, relish some authentic Bengali food and return rejuvenated!

5. Sundarban National Park

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Approximate Distance From Kolkata: 127 Kilometres
How To Reach: car/bus
Best Known For: Spread over an enormous area of 10,000 square kilometres, Sundarban National Park is known for its wildlife treasure. You can spot a Bengal Tiger on your sojourn, observe the diverse flora and fauna and be amazed at the beauty of this natural bounty!

6. Raichak

Photo by Abhinaba Basu

Approximate Distance From Kolkata: 53 kilometres
How To Reach: Bus/Car
Best Known For: A for Dutch fort that has been revamped into a five-star hotel, run by Radisson Fort- Raichak on Ganges. Pamper yourself in the boutique fort hotel, gaze over the River Ganga, take a ferry or treat yourself with a detoxifying spa; Raichak offers a weekend to remember!

7. Shantiniketan

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Approximate Distance From Kolkata: 162 Kilometres
How To Reach: Train/Bus/Car
Best Known For: Visva Bharati- the institution founded by polymath and writer Rabrindranath Tagore, which has been a centre for arts and learning since early century. There are various activities within Shantinektan and a weekend here equals to peace of mind for an entire year!

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8. Chandannagar

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Approximate Distance From Kolkata: 52 Kilometres
How To Reach: Bus/Car/Train
Best Known For: A French colony, Chandannagar is known as ‘City of Liberty’. Its beautiful array of museums, churches and temples are a best place to spend some quality weekend time. The strand, which offers grand views over River Ganga is a great hangout in the evenings.

9. Krishnanagar

Photo Source

Approximate Distance From Kolkata: 116 Kilometres
How To Reach: Bus/Car/Train
Best Known For: Rajbari- the royal palace belonging to zamindar Krishna Chandra Roy. Although the palace is in ruins, its impressive entrance gives an idea of its grandeur. Home to many personalities in the field of art and literature, Krishnanagar is also known for its forests and the clay dolls of Ghurni!

Plan a weekend getaway from Kolkata on these lines and beat the Monday blues with a Smile! You have more places to list? Comment below and let us know!

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