Los Angeles Facts We Bet You Didn't Know

Los Angeles - 'The city of Angels' has lots to offer than just Hollywood and Los Angeles Lakers. Here are some of the interesting, weird, and fun facts about LA. I am sure, you'll be surprised.

Water? How about plastic balls!

Image Source: Eric Garcetti/flickr.com  

In an effort to fight drought and save water, Los Angeles Department of water and power in 2015 released 96 million plastic balls into the main reservoir of the city. These plastic balls called 'shade balls' are said to prevent chemicals actions from happening in water and slow down evaporation. If you happen to find a field full of balls in LA, don't assume it's some kind of playground and jump, you would probably drown.

The Name game - The blame game

What's in a name? We could hear people say this all the time but for LA, it's all about the name. Do you know the original name of Los Angeles? Even if you guess, you will surely fall short. Wait for it, its "El Pueblo de Nuestra Seora la Reina de los Angeles del Río de Porciúncula". Apparently, this is what LA was being called back during the Spanish period. It translates to, "The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of the Porciúncula River". Next time when you hear someone say, what's in a name - show them this!

Edison - The reason for Hollywood in LA

Image Source: Pixabay.com  

I am sure you would be scratching your head wondering. "What the hell does Edison have to do anything with Hollywood?" In the early 1900's, Thomas Alva Edison who lived in New Jersey held the majority of the countries film-making patents. Irked by this, the filmmakers started moving west and thus happened 'Hollywood' in LA. Edison, Sir now I've got profound respect for you. 

No time for same Toad love

When you're in LA, you are not supposed to kiss a toad. Like who actually wants to kiss one! It is said that kissing a toad will get you high and help you hallucinate. No, please don't even think of doing that now - it's illegal. 

Woo woo Woman power

Image Source: Pixabay.com 

While Women empowerment and gender equality are still talked about in most parts of the world, Los Angeles is already ahead. As per statistics, most businesses in LA are owned and controlled by Women. LA can already feel the Woman power. Go Women!  

San Fransisco, here I come

Los Angeles and San Fransisco, being on the opposite sides of the San Andreas fault, (a result of the disastrous 1906 San Fransisco earthquake) lean in 2.5 inches closer to each other every year. In an estimated 10 million years from now, LA and SF are going to get so closer that you wouldn't shed your hard-earned money over travel. But I guess global warming has definitely got some say on this.    

The Land of many slangs


Image Source: Pixabay.com 

Home to people from over 140 countries, Los Angeles is one of the diverse places in the country. With people speaking more than 200 plus languages, you will feel like you fell straight into the Duolingo app. Los Angeles doesn't just stop at the languages, it embraces different cultures too. You'll never feel left out in LA, there's always room.  

Oh, Babies keep some distance

There is no baby-time in LA. As per the law in Los Angeles, you are not supposed to give a bath to two babies at the same time in the same tub. It's weird, right! I am feeling it too. They're just babies, can't they have some fun? The laws on privacy should really be looked into.  

Where are all the people!


Image Source: Pixabay.com 

Los Angeles is full of automobiles. Actually speaking, automobiles are more here than humans. No wonder, LA has the largest road system in the country extending over 7300 miles. With all the automobiles and the carbon emission, I think Tesla should take over LA and show the world how it's done. 

Goats at work

Hiring humans has become too mainstream that the people at Getty Museum hire around 60 Goats usually to munch on the green pastures around Getty center. Goats keep the place clean and are definitely the cheapest solution - also they're kind of following their passion so no questions asked. 
Now that you're surprised with the list, please go on and share. Let joy prevail. 

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