All About La Tomatina Food Fight Festival in Spain

By Renuka Shahane on Jul 08, 2016
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Imagine soaking in a pool of freshly squeezed ripe and succulent tomatoes! Visualize bursting the tomatoes like some kind of water balloon and not feeling guilty about it! If this sounds like your idea of fun, you have to be a part of the La Tomatina Food Fight Festival in Spain.


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Happening in the town of Bunol in Valencia, La Tomatina is one of the events in the festival week of Bunol and trust me, it is one of the craziest events that you’ll ever witness. This ultimate food fight takes place on the last Wednesday of August, every year. The petite Mediterranean town of Bunol transforms into bubbling town with its streets painted with the colour of festivities. Over twenty thousand tourists flock to this small town to attend this festival and to add to their delight, La Tomatina isn’t the only festival that happens around the same time. The festivities go around for an entire week which includes parades, fireworks and cooking contests with La Tomatina being the grand finale.


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The festival marks its beginning with the arrival of trucks from Extremadura between 10 am to 11 am in the morning at Plaza del Pueblo- the town centre. According to the tradition, the festival has to start after someone climbs up the wooden poll (almost two-storied) and snatches the little piece of Ham that is tied at the end of the poll. While the slippery poll makes it difficult for anyone who tries to achieve this but once the ham is dropped from the pole, the festival kicks start! Squishing and splashing over 40 metric tonnes of tomato, this super fun, entertainment and activity-loaded fight continues for one hour, after which the streets (including the people) are sprayed with gallons of water! For those wondering how the mess is cleaned up, the tomato pulp is washed away and thanks to the acidity in tomatoes, the streets are spic and span in the next hour!

Sounds enticing enough? I am sure most of you want to witness it at least once in life; I totally am one of them! If you want to be a part of this festival, there is one more thing you should know. The festival has a limited entry to only around 20 thousand people, so if you haven’t already booked the tickets to the event, you totally should!    

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La Tomatina from Madrid/San Sebastian with 2-nights Camp

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La Tomatina With Ibiza and Valencia

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