Labor Day in Las Vegas

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018
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Las Vegas is a city build on hopes, dreams and entertainment. Situated south of Nevada, USA, the Sin city is a boiling pot of entertainment. If there is anything and everything you want to do, you can do it in Vegas but mind you it’s also the place where money only says goodbye

Every month about 6000 tourists visit the city and only a thousand of them return. The city is renowned for its casinos, hotels and all the glitz and kitsch that come along. Las Vegas is a celebration and who doesn’t wish to be a part of one? Just when summer comes to an end, Las Vegas is amped up for the international holiday, Labor Day. 

Labor Day is a more than 100 years old federal holiday which is celebrated on the first Monday of September to honour the American Labor Movement. Since it is the final time of the year when you can get some joy out of the summer end, a number of events are organized in Las Vegas. 

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You surely wouldn’t wish to miss the following places and events in Las Vegas on the occasion of Labor Day:

1. Hit up a pool party

This may just be the last time of the year to get some fun in the sun. So pack your sunscreens and swim suits for a fun weekend by the pool. A number of resorts in Las Vegas host pool parties with the DJs and everything which are always different from the usual nightclubs. But if you are travelling with you family, it may not be a good option because most of the parties are restricted to people with the age of 21 and above. This year a 5 day long Exodus Festival is being organised at Las Vegas to give you the best experience of clubs and pool parties.

2. Take a jeep tour

There isn’t a better time to explore Las Vegas than Labor Day. So skip the casino and go for a jeep tour through the sin city. The jeep tour is a real fun way to explore the city without having to spend all your money like you would have at the casinos. What makes the tour enjoyable are the guides who are so funny and familiar with the city. They have a lot of knowledge about the city which will leave you stupefied on being told about.

3. Examine real deal masterpieces

The history of a place can speak to you in so many different ways if you just give yourself the opportunity to explore the unknown. The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art is the place for you to go. It is an exhibition of paintings by world’s most compelling artists. The place will give you peek into the refined side of Las Vegas, away from the dazzling bustle of Las Vegas Strip. Located within the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, the elegant gallery provides a break from the city’s diversions.

4. Fine dinning in Las Vegas

Almost all the renowned chefs own a restaurant in the city. Apart from them you can also find various ones which serve for less money. You can go cheap during the day and splurge for dinner. The Las Vegas Restaurants guide can help you find the appropriate dining place for you in Las Vegas on this Labor Day.

5. Get out in the town

For a city that never sleeps, there is a lot to explore and no limitation of time at all. If you do not wish to be drawn to the world of casinos and wish to bask in the New York sunshine, there are endless things to do. You can ride a gondola at the Venetian hotel or go tripping to the Zion National Park or visit the Red Rock Canyon. Another option is to take to the Hoover Dam. It is a 12th century marvel and a drive through it will provide you beautiful views from above.

Las Vegas sports a ton of fun activities which will make your vacation at the Sin City a lot different from the usual experiences. So go out, explore and tick off a number of things from your bucket list.