Labor Day Weekend in Houston

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Labor Day, which is celebrated on the first Monday in September honors the American Labor Movement and marks the contributions of the workers in the well-being and prosperity of the country, United States. Since it falls on a Monday, we have a long weekend to celebrate which is always joyful. Houston has its own way of celebrating this occasion as you get to enjoy some holiday-specific events, you can enjoy some shopping, and the whole city is in the zeal of this occasion.

1. Learn about the Nation’s History

When you are in Houston, you have a golden chance to know about the nation’s History. There are a number of Museums in the city that will help you take a walk through the history of the country, one of them being Johnson Space Centre. This isn’t just about the knowledge, but also fun to know such facts and you will be excited about it. 

2. Enjoy Free Boat Tours in the City

Port of Houston Authority gets you a chance to have an intimate look at the port and the areas nearby, completely free of cost. This 90-minute tour in a flattering air-conditioned area with padded and comfortable seats helps you enjoy some of the spectacular sights of the city and it departs from Sam Houston Pavilion and gets you a detailed history of the port.

3. Have plentiful of Free Entertainment

When you are in Houston, you can surely have a feast at Miller Outdoor Theatre. This historical place has a diverse menu for you to get entertained, that too free of cost. Enjoy the performances there, be it Chinese acrobatics, classical concerts, children’s plays, or dance performances that keep you hypnotized and engrossed. Make sure that you bring a blanket so that you can get cozy and enjoy the performances. 

4. Take a Tour of the Museum District

Since you find a number of best museum districts in Houston, it is a great idea to visit one when it is a Labor Day Weekend. Houston’s Museum District include The Holocaust Museum, the Children’s Museum, Museum of National Science, and more.  

5. The Blissful Kemah Boardwalk

It is always a blissful experience to have a stroll at the beautiful and mesmerizing amusement park of the city, Kemah Boardwalk. You can dine in as there are enchanting waterfront restaurants, beautiful retail stores, and some shows that keep on going on a daily basis. Kemah Boardwalk offers you a little more on the LaborDay weekend as there are some kick-off parties that you can be a part of.

6. Enjoy some Shopping

There will be a “sale” almost everywhere you go on aLabor Day weekend and hence you can surely go on a shopping spree. Look out what is missing and just buy the stuff that you want at a discounted rate.

7. Live Music

There are shows organized at different places that offer Live Music Performances by various bands and you can tap your feet on the rhythm, get lost in the symphony and surely enjoy with some booze and good food. Experience the classics, vocalists, and just come to watch your favourite artist, or Band and have the best everLabor Day Weekend when you are in Houston.

8. Festivals

There are Fests being organised at various places, grab some food and drinks and enjoy the fests. There are events that will get you live music, fashion shows and cultural performances that you will surely try not to miss. You can celebrate this weekend event at Woodlands’ Waterway Square that concludes in the beautiful and mesmerizing display of fireworks over fountains.

9. Pool Parties

You can surely enjoy pool parties being held that may have a theme and get you some fun for the weekend. No matter what, the long weekend and the last holiday, being Monday should last in some real fun. Enjoy the best pools of the city, like The Maya Lagoon and beat the boredom.

No matter what, Houston is surely the perfect place to be at when Labor Day Weekend is around. There are events being organized, discounts at restaurants, pubs, breweries, clothing, and you will find it interesting to have your plans being executed successfully as it has a lot to offer.


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