Ladakh: The Paradise for the Trekking Lover

By TripHobo Travel Expert on Apr 12, 2017
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A foot step in Ladakh, you would be awe-struck with its amazing and vibrant atmosphere. It could possibly be the best sight you had or you will experience anywhere in the world. Traversing through the rugged trails of the region, deserted flat landscape along the lush valleys and roaring snow Clan Mountains, no one could resist the charm of the region. The place holds some of the highest peaks and passes of the country, which is enough to tell about its adventures virtue. Whether it is rafting, mountaineering, jeep safari or mountain biking, everything is well within reach inside Ladkah, but the best part comes while trekking.

The place offers several trails which could raise the oomph factor in trekkers. In this article we will tell the best 4 out of them.

1. Markha Valley

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most popular treks of Ladakh is this Markha valley Trek. The area where it belongs is highly remote yet very exciting to witness as it reveals the contrast beauty of the region. It takes about 8 to 11 days to complete the journey. The trek begins from Spituk and in the way one could gather various experiences like residing in tents in villages which gives an opportunity to mingle with the local breed, witnessing the blue ship at Hemis National Park, various species of flora- fauna through Ganda La and Kongmaru La and at the end enthralling views of Zanskar and Ladakh mountain ranges.

2. Spituk to Stok

It is suggested that if you are not a tested and expert trekker and desire to experience it once, do it on this trek. The trek is comparatively easier than others; it takes only 4 days to reach the destination which is best suited for beginners. Along the trek one could experience splendid view of barren land to lush green areas of Zingchen valley; glimpse of wildlife of Hemis National Park is also feasible.

3. Stok Kangri Trek

This trek is the extension of the Spituk Stok trek, which is a sheer test of physical stamina and mental strength. The very tough strenuous trek is considered to be the best in all over India. For all the adventure junkies, the trek serves with full potential and takes into wildness of Zanskar valley. For instance one could never ask for more excitement as the journey ends on the highest trekkable summit (6122 meters). It is very difficult trekking here because of the sudden change in altitudes along the trek. One could witness different shades of the region from green, gold to white.

4. Chadar Trek

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

What if I tell you that neither you have to walk on land nor sail on water? Yes, this trek exactly offers this experience. Basically, Chadar trek is on a Zanskar river which is a frozen river. Every year when the river freezes this trek is opened to adventurous freaks for couple of months. The name of the trek is ‘Chadar’ as the frozen river resembles as a blanket of snow. This trek would test your endurance and proficiency in every manner. From walking on slippery, powdery snow to bear harsh climatic conditions, it needs guts and utmost strength. Frozen waterfalls, monasteries such as Karsha Gompa are the sights one could witness on the trail.

At ladakh you would never fall short of the picturesque sights. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of the region and one would never know what it takes to be alive in ‘Paradise of earth’, until it figures out the mesmerizing beauty of Ladkah which is delight to eyes. Nowadays various travel agencies offering good deal on Ladakh tour Packages. With coming vacations do visit the region for wonderful experience.

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