Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

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Las Vegas has a nastily appealing reputation of what sin looks like! Much before bachelor parties got glorified in the superhit movie Hangover, Vegas has been a top choice for all the guys out there to enjoy their last few days of bachelorhood! With a plethora of things to do in Las Vegas; naughty, masculine, adrenaline-rushing, brotherhood beckoning and more, the Sin City is the ultimate "bromance destination". If you or your bro is getting hitched, take a cue from these ten Las Vegas bachelor party ideas that will give you the much-needed bonding before he is owned by someone else! And before you sign up for any of the below listed remember- what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! 

Squander over a ludicrous suite

stay in the most luxurious hotels

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Las Vegas is full of some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. Experiencing the epitome of world class, as you get spoiled with their services, checking into one of the opulent properties is the way to go. Another reason why these make a great boys pad for a few days are its types of accommodations. Many hotels feature options like cribs that can fit your entire gang! Fancy a pool in your room? Half a basketball court? Or maybe a bowling aisle? These luxury hotels in Las Vegas offer the same and much more. 

Best hotels for Las Vegas bachelor party: The Bellagio, Wynn Las Vegas, Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, and the Palms Casino Resort. 

Try your luck at the jazziest of casinos

visit the famed casinos of las vegas

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What is a visit to Las Vegas without a visit to its famed casinos?! From sexy poolside casinos to aesthetic indoor ones, this is one city where you will see all kinds of casinos. The Downtown area is full of casinos where you can try your luck. The downtown area is where you will find old casinos. If you want something jazzy, the Strip is the place to head. Expect a lot of amusement here; slides through shark water tanks to some very beautiful women trying to make money at 5 am!

Best casinos in Las Vegas: The Stratosphere Casino, Binion’s, New York-New York, The Mirage, Caesars Palace, and Treasure Island.

Polish your primordial skills at the many axe-throwing ranges

go with the boys at axe-throwing ranges

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And now for some activities that make for a perfect break from all the casinos and opulence. Let the role play begin right here; viking, lumberjack, pirate or simply someone from the primordial era! Spend an afternoon throwing some axes. After a brief training on safety, practice your games. Once your level is up you can proceed to be a ninja! Well, literally with weapons like metal player cards and even some knives. Be guided by some super humorous and welcoming staff. You and your boys are sure to have some good fun with this bachelor party idea. 

Where to axe-throw in Las Vegas? Axe Monkeys - Indoor Axe Throwing and Axehole Fremont Street Axe & Knife & Spear Throwing

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Get that adrenaline rushing at a gun club

shooting at the gun club

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After some axe-throwing, some James Bond action is certain to appeal any boy squad. Talking about role play, some mafia fantasies can be fulfilled at a gun club! Going on a shooting spree with guns like AK-47s, Colt AR-15n and the irresistibly stylish Glock 17s can give you a good high. There is an abundance of shooting ranges in Las Vegas that rush your adrenaline with guns, military-grade hummers, and bullets. Most of these shooting ranges offer convenience like pick up and drop services. Now, isn’t convenience and adrenaline rush a great combination?!

Best shooting ranges in Las Vegas: Battlefield Vegas, Machine Guns Vegas, Strip Gun Club, American Shooters, Machine Gun Experience, and The Range 702.

Speed up that gas at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

taste your driving skills at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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Speaking of some adrenaline rushing, no guy can’t deny the thrill of speeding a vehicle on a speedway! Choose your pick from a fleet of racing cars including Lamborghinis, the cult Ferraris, the oh so enticing McLarens, speedy Aston martins and of course the humble porches. This is a great place to surprise the to-be-groom, in case he ever fantasized getting behind the wheels and speeding his way through a racetrack. There are several racing tracks in Las Vegas, but the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is one of the most popular ones!

Best racing tracks in Las Vegas: Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Speedvegas, Exotics Racing, Dream Racing, and 702 RC Raceway. 

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Book a stripper

Book a stripper

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An essential on every list of Las Vegas bachelor party ideas, if not something that tops the list, getting entertained by a stripper is a necessity! A bachelor party in Las Vegas without a stripper giving you some lap dance is an absolute dud. Fulfill your duty of being the best bud by arranging your stripper. Some scintillating lap dance, tipsy drinks, and all the boys in the house sound like any guy’s dream. You will never run out of stripper agencies or strip clubs in Las Vegas. Everything from expensive to budget can be tailored to suit your requirement!

Best strip clubs in Las Vegas: Larry Flynt's Hustler Club - Las Vegas Strip Club, Little Darlings Las Vegas, Sapphire Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Club, Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club Las Vegas, and the Crazy Horse 3 Gentlemen’s Club

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Indulge in the famous Vegas buffets

Vegas buffets

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All the good-looking men with that physique that will make any girl go weak in her knees, need to ditch the clean eating for a bit. Experiencing the buffets in Vegas is an experience of a lifetime! Why Vegas buffets are such a hit, you’ve got to find out on your own. Along with the casinos and strippers, another reason why this city beguiles the way it does to any bachelor is the gorgeous food here. Bringing the whole world to your palette, there are a plethora of hotels that are popular for their buffets. What’s more? There is no cure for a hangover as good as a greasy, greasy buffet!

Best buffet places in Las Vegas: Bellagio’s The Buffet, Paris Las Vegas’ Le Village Buffet, Rio Las Vegas’ Carnival World Buffet, Wynn, and Monte Carlo Resort and Casino.

Start the party at 3am

Start the party at 3am

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That’s right, starting a party at an unusual 3 am is what is usual in Las Vegas. There are several places that start the party at 3 am that go on till 10 am! This is a fabulous idea if you have rested all day, enjoyed a quiet dinner with the squad but feel the urge to party because you are in Vegas. You will find some parties on the Strip that go on until the DJ calls it quits. Alternatively, if you are looking for day parties in Las Vegas, there are many!

Venues for morning and dawn parties in Las Vegas: Drai and Artisan Hotel

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Jump of the Stratosphere

Jump of the Stratosphere

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If the thought of jumping off the place that gives you a bird’s eye view of Las Vegas appeals to you, then consider checking the Stratosphere off your bachelor party activities list. Holding its name on the iconic Guinness World Records, Stratosphere possesses the highest commercial decelerator descent. Imagine watching Vegas as you fall from a whopping 829 feet at a steady pace of 40 miles per hour! Just make sure to not tell your girl in advance that you have plans to do this! Make sure you get yourself a picture here by professionals employed here for the same, albeit surcharged. 

Where is Stratosphere? 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104, USA

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Chill with some beer at the Grand Canyon

beer at the Grand Canyon

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The Grand Canyon offers plenty of opportunities for recreation. This is a great place to spend the day in the outdoors and do old school stuff like hiking and enjoying a picnic. A chilled beer to end the day is all that you need. There is no dearth of photo opportunities either! To make things more interesting, rent a jeep and enjoy the hour-long drive from the city. If adrenaline strikes again, you can choose to raft in the Colorado River! 

Now with all these Las Vegas bachelor party ideas all you’ve got to do is start planning and setting the deals right. After all, someone’s rightly said, “A little naughty never killed anyone”.

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