Last Minute Flights Fare Become Cheaper In India

Flight booking hacks are crashing the internet like crazy. You probably must’ve read tons of articles on how cookies affect air prices and when is the best time to book the cheapest flight.

So while that all makes perfect sense, here’s some treat for Indian Air passengers. Owing to the competition between air lines, last minute bookings are actually cheaper! Yes, you heard it right! So for the cheapest deal, all you have to do is wait! Book just 15 days before your journey and you’ll get the cheapest tickets that are almost on a 52% discount!

An analysis shows that average fares for journeys on all dates between June 29, 2016 and July 4, 2016, when booked on June 28, 2016, were cheaper by almost 50% than fares booked during the same time in 2015.

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Increased competition, reduction in oil prices and increased passenger capacity has resulted into this which turns as a boon for domestic travellers.

So will this trend continue? According to a senior official at a leading airline, "The airfares will keep dropping for the rest of the year especially since the newer airlines will keep slashing the prices to stay in the market. Of course, this trend won’t continue forever”

Looks like this is the right time for domestic travel! 


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