12 Unheard Leaning Towers Of The World

By Parul Parashar on Apr 01, 2017
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Playing peek-a-boo with the mighty Pisa's cathedral, the leaning tower of Pisa is an iconic monument and one of the most recognizable architectures for a major population of the globe. But wait, this flawed beauty isn't the only building in the world that stands tall at a different angle (and we mean literally). Take a walk across the world and you'll see that there are more than one such compositions, some made accidentally and some out of sheer art.

The Leaning Tower Of Pisa, Italy - The Most Popular One

Image Source: Wikipedia

Constructed over a period of 117 years in three stages since 1173, this bell tower started sinking in the soil around the year 1178 when gravity played its part. The Leaning Tower of Pisa was restored between 1990-2001 and the angle of the tower was reduced from 5.5 to 4 degrees. 

Here's a list of few of such uparalleled superstructures you must know of. Do visit them. They're different! 

1. Church of Saint Mary and All Saints, Chesterfield

Image Source: Wikipedia

This church, also known as the Crooked Shire, is extremely famous for its twisted shire. It also has many weird myths and legends attached to it, one being that a virgin was married in the church once and the shire twisted around to see if it was true. Well, the real reason behind this glitched construction was a lack of skilled labour. The wood used to make it was untreated and when 5 tons of lead shingles were attached to it, the shire couldn't bear the pain and started getting twisted slowly over decades.

2.Towers Of Bologna, Italy

Image Source: Wikimedia

The Towers of Bologna are two very famous leaning towers known as the Asinelli Tower and the Garisenda Tower. From the many towers that were created by the leading families from medieval Bologna, these two were amongst the few that survived. Although the height of the Garisenda Tower was reduced by thirty feet to prevent it from collapsing, it still leans at an angle of three degrees.

3. Caerphilly Castle, Wales

Image Source: Wikipedia

The Caerphilly Castle is a very intimidating fortress from Wales' medieval era. When the English Civil War took place in the 1640's, one of this castle's towers got damaged making it distinctly inclined forever.

4. Rio de Greci de Venecia

Image Source: Wikimedia

Rio de Greci de Venecia is a church built in 1536 by the Greek orthodox who fled to Italy from Turkey. Later in 1603, a separate bell tower was constructed which started leaning right from the start. If you look closely, it appears as if the tower waits to take a dive in the adjoining canal.

5.Suurhusen Kirche, Germany

Image Source: Wikipedia

The Suurhusen Church is one of the top attractions for tourists in Germany. The Church dates back to 1450 but the tower started leaning in the 19th century due to the draining of the nearby marshes. The 90 feet high building leans at 5.1939 degrees making it the most tilted tower in the world. Interesting!

6. Delft Oude Kerk, Netherlands

Image Source: Wikimedia

Dating back 800 years, the Old church in Delft or The Oude Kerk is a 245 feet high construction leaning 6.5 feet away from the vertical. It's the oldest building and parish church of Amsterdam.

7. San Martino, Burano, Venice

Image Source: Wikipedia

This 16th century Roman Catholic church in Burano is another delicate architecture of Venice that has undergone a number of restorations till date. This 53 meters tower has an inclination of 1.83 meters from its axis making it Burano's leaning bell tower.

8. Plaza de Castille, Spain

Photo Source: Wikimedia

A deliberate attempt, Plaza de Castille is the Gateway to Europe based in the Spanish capital of Madrid. Also known as the Leaning Towers of Madrid, these buildings were built in 1996 and were made to lean at 15 degrees.

9. Huqiu Tower, Pagoda, China

Image Source: Wikimedia

The Huqiu Tower also referred to as Yunyan Pagoda, is situated at Tiger Hill, Suzhou, China. The building was a stable construction until the 17th century after which this 157 feet, 8-sided tower began to lean as a result of being built partly on soil and partly on rock. The top of the tower leans out by 7.5 feet.

10. Leaning Tower of Wanaka, New Zealand

Image Source: Jason Pratt/Flickr

Precariously balanced at an angle of 53 degrees, the eccentric Leaning Tower of Wanaka is part of the famous offbeat 'Puzzling World'. Its complicated engineering is quite a mystery in itself which makes it all the more fun when you see it live.

11. Teluk Intan, Malaysia

Image Source: Phalinn Ooi/Flickr

The Teluk Intan is the Malaysian equivalent of the Leaning Tower of Pisa as both buildings tilt towards their left. This 25.5 meters tall monument is a water tower built in 1885 which started to lean immediately within four years.

12. L'Estel Ferit, Barceloneta Beach, Spain

Image Source: Henry Scott/Flickr 

This odd looking tower of leaning cubes is actually an artwork called L'Estel Ferit which means the wounded star or the injured comet. It was actually commissioned for the 1992 Olympics to pay homage to the Barceloneta borough.

Intentionally or unintentionally, these tilting towers are beautiful mistakes which compel travellers to visit the countries they are located in. If you wish to add to our list of leaning towers, do mention them in the comments. Lean on!

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