Leo's Films That Made Us Trip

Leo just won his first ever Oscar and the world as we know it has been changed forever. Some are even talking about changing the timelines from A.D to A.O. (After Oscar)! After all the poor sod got torn apart by a bear for the sake of an Academy Award!

Right from leaving England behind in The Titanic to crawling through Dakota in The Revenant, Leo’s done it all. He’s been bit by the travel bug many a few times and here are some of his movies that gave us a good and happy ‘trip’:


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Leo went on a joyride cruise, met his ladylove and danced away like a boss on the biggest ship ever made. The only catch? It sank. But not before Leo made cruising on a ship everyone’s dream in the 90s.


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Playing the man who revolutionized the way we travel, Leo totally nailed the part and showed the world how a single man’s obsession can lead to greater things.

Catch Me if You Can

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Leo plays a conman who donning the role of a Pilot, doctor and a prosecutor cons worth millions of dollars and travels the whole world in the process.

Blood Diamond

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Trust Leo to wander all over Africa, smuggling diamonds, beating people up and.. well.. being Leo in general.

The Beach

Leo plays the quintessential traveler, chasing his dreams of world travel and ‘wildlife’. *wink **sly grin.

The Quick and the Dead

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Leo takes us to 19th century Wild West with this classy cowboy flick and gives life goals to other western wannabees.


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Leo had enough of travelling the world and decided to explore other avenues instead. Got into the audiences ‘head’ with this one, he did. 

The Revenant

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Get attacked by Apaches, ripped by a bear and then almost frozen to death and voila! You have your very own Golden statuette, all crisp and ready to be shown off.

And now one for a trippy trip

Basketball Diaries

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Leo gives us a sneak peek into his ‘High’ school days and gives us a glimpse of the dark side.

Leo has had a lot of gems in his career and his life has been an outstanding example of the fact that our journey is never ending and that achievements never do define our path.


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