10 Lesser Known Beaches Of Karnataka

By Vanhishikha Bhargava on Dec 07, 2016
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A state that has been popular for its rich natural, cultural and architectural heritage, Karnataka is a widely chosen destination for a vacation. Be it a trip with friends or one with the family, the place never lets anyone down and ranks high on the list of must-visit states in India. 
But having been so commercialised over the years, travellers now want to slowly move away from the typical tourist locations in Karnataka and explore its unravelled beauty at their own pace - far, far away from the hustle bustle of the city. 
We are going to share some of the lesser known beaches in Karnataka that will let you enjoy the sun, sea and the sand! 

1. Someshwar Beach 

Image Source: Niyant Dalal/flickr  
Just about 10 kilometers from the Mangalore Railway Station is the gorgeous Someshwar Beach. The beach is popular in the city for its white sands and pristine clear waters. It is definitely an instant hit amongst nature lovers and those who enjoy a good swim. There are large rocks called the Rudra Shile near the beach, that you must take a look at before heading out.
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2. Kodi Beach 


Image Source: Kavya Bhat/flickr

Want a beach-like experience with a twist? Then you should be at the Kodi Beach. Located about 4 km from Kundapura, a coastal town of Karnataka, this is the place where the river Suvarna meets the Arabian sea to form an estuary. It is called one of the most exotic beaches of Karnataka and is ideal for anyone who wants to spend some time in solitude. A lot of families and friend groups can be seen here spending quality time with one another and enjoying the beach view. 
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3. Mattu Beach


Image Source: wikimedia

If the never-ending crowds of Karnataka have been bothering you, head over to the Mattu Beach right away. Located in the Udupi district of the state, the beach is known as nature at its best and is unharmed by any kind of tourism. It is the ideal destination for anyone who’d like to spend a day relaxing under the shade of coconut trees, without worrying about being disturbed by local vendors. 

4. Kapu Beach 


Image Source: wikimedia

Situated in Kapu, a small town in the Udupi district of Karnataka, this beach has been featured in many movies. It is famous for its lighthouse, the three Mariamma temples and the fort built by Tippu Sultan. You will see that the sea here is a lot rougher than the rest of the beaches, but makes for a gorgeous view at any given time of the day. There are a number of shacks around the beach that people head to for quick snacks and drinks often. It is another beach in India that the solitude lovers would enjoy!

5. Bhatkal Beach 


Image Source: wikipedia

A beach located in Murudeshwara, the Bhatkal Beach has a pristine coastline that is surrounded by coconut trees. The beach literally makes for a breathtaking view for the visitors. There is also an old lighthouse that dates back to many centuries, close to the beach that attracts travellers to it. The rugged coastline also gives trekkers a chance to wander into nature and explore the place at their own pace. 

6. Kudle Beach 


Image Source: wikimedia

A small beach at the south of Gokarna, Kudle beach is known for the great view it has to offer. A lot of  travellers visit the place to take a morning walk as the sun rises and capture it on their cameras to cherish forever. It is one of the cleanest beaches in Gokarna and has a number of restaurants as well as resorts that you could put up at. 

7. Om Beach 


Image Source: wikimedia

Located about 8 kilometers from the town of Gokarna, the Om Beach is known for its distinctive coastline. It is similar to two semi crescent moons joining together to resemble the Hindu religious symbol OM. Even though the beach isn’t extensively commercialised, it has several water sports like surfing, water skiing, parasailing and more to offer. This beach is also commonly referred to as the half moon beach. 

8. Gokarna Beach


Image Source: wikimedia

Another gorgeous beach in Gokarna, the Gokarna beach is a fairly popular destination amongst avid travellers and locals. It is the ideal place to spend a quiet day at the beach on a good day, watching the locals mind their own business. There is also a hill next to the beach that you could trek up to, to get a better view of its coastline. 
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9. Paradise Beach

Image Source: Miran Rijavec/flickr
One more popular beach of Gokarna is the Paradise Beach. It is also popularly known as the full moon beach for its coastline’s uncanny resemblance to the moon. The beach remains unexplored by the tourism industry because of its approach. It needs to be hiked to from the Om Beach and the path requires one to walk along big rocks that are just above the sea coast. It is the perfect place for anyone looking for some isolation from the usual crowd and a scenic view. 

10. Murudeshwara Beach


Image Source: wikimedia

Situated in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, Murudeshwara beach is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to spend hours bathing in the sun and taking in a picturesque view. The Murudeshwar Temple famous for the world’s second-tallest Shiva statue is right next to the beach and you could head over to it anytime for a truly religious experience.
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Karnataka has a lot of places that are still unexplored by the tourism industry. They are as serene as ever and not harmed by any kind of commercialisation. 
Although they remain as natural now, we think visiting them right away is better than waiting for them to be discovered. So go ahead and plan another trip to Karnataka! This time focus on what’s not been recommended to you by friends and explore the unexplored on your own.
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