17 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Camping

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With everyday responsibilities and too many opportunities, we have somehow forgotten to realize our own capability. We have somehow forgotten to live a life with minimal opportunities. It’s like a shell we have created around ourselves and we refuse to go out of it. But, if you want to know what life is all about; just go for camping!

life lessons you can learn from camping

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For me, it turned out to be a ‘blessing in disguise’ in my life. It filled my later days with memories and some new relations to cherish on. Ask those who love camping, they are surely going to tell you some unforgettable lessons of life.

So, we at TripHobo has prepared a list of life lessons you can learn from camping. Let’s take a look into it:  

1. Giving Up On Technology

When you are on a camping, just unplug yourself from the buzzing mobile phones. Trust me, you are definitely going to enjoy the world around you, rather than getting hooked up to a smartphone. It’s not very often you get the opportunity to move away from the technological world. So, why not give your brain a break from technology!


2. Living On The Basics

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Wish to have some French fries with the evening coffee? Well! When you are on camping, such luxuries take a backseat in your life. You actually forget to make fuss about not having properly cooked food or not having cushioned beds to lie down. You start realizing that life can be lived even with basic necessities. Even the demand for fancy washroom doesn’t pop up in our mind.

3. Experiencing Nature

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Somehow living in a concrete jungle for a long time has made us accustomed to the absence of greenery. We have somehow forgotten to wake up to the sounds of birds chirping or smell the fragrance of the freshly bloomed flowers. If you are truly urging to experience such eternal moment, go for camping! Live among the wood, inhale the fresh air and take the outdoor beauty.

4. Going Back To Age Old Days

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Camping without bonfire is unimaginable. Moreover, with 9 to 5 jobs, it is almost impossible to enjoy bonfire in a city life. Then what you should do? Plan for a bonfire when you are camping! The experience will definitely take you to the old days when people used to cook food on bonfires.

5. Hard Work Pays Off

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Camping is pretty exhausting. Choosing a site, setting up the tent, collecting woods for fire, looking for water and so many works are there to do. Without these works, a camp out can turn out to be a nightmare. On the flip side, it also makes you realize that you are capable of doing hard work which otherwise get submerged under the luxury of cosmopolitan life.

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6. Shedding Of Inhibition

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We human are always too shy to break off our comfort zone. But breaking away the routine life and trying something new expands your realm of experiences. Shrug off the inhibition, take part in camping activities and make mistakes. Remember, mistakes are always forgiven in camping.

7. Developing Trust 

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From childhood we are taught not to speak with strangers. But when you camp and face problem, a stranger who eagerly helps you turns out to be the ‘friend in need’. In fact, camping let you meet many new people coming from different background, sharing stories of themselves. Believe me, such friendship does stand the test of time and exist beyond the "Facebook” world. You will surely end up filling your travel diary with full of stories to take back at home.  

8. Team Work Matters

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If you think you are smart enough to go camping all alone, think again! Camping is not an easy game to play on. It requires lots of planning and effort to make it successful. And for that, a team work is required. Even if you are travelling alone, don’t hesitate to form teams with the recently met stranger-cum-friends. A teamwork improves your socializing attitude.

9. Sharing Is Caring

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Gone are those days when you were taught uo;sharing is caring”. Nowadays, it is only about I, me and myself! But if you have such attitude for your camping trip, be ready to be left out of the group. In camping, sharing is an important aspect. In fact, sharing helps you to make friends. Try it! I have tried and have found some amazing friends for a lifetime.  

10. Discovering Yourself

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Camping not only let you enjoy a vacation, but it also gives you ample space and time to think about yourself. The slow spaced life during camping doesn’t make you feel bored. Rather it lets you discover yourself. It makes you realize who you really are. It might even let you see your true passion for life.

11. A Tent - Only Shelter To Stay In

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Walking in the woods or climbing rocky path for hours makes you forget about the furnished bedroom you have back in your home. At that time, a tent with a bed roll looks enough to lie down and enjoy a sound sleep. Camping makes you accustomed to survive even in the worst condition.

12. Going Light

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Remember, in camping you need to carry your own belonging. Thinking about taking trolley bag? You need a practicality check! Carrying fancy bags can actually ruin your trip. Hence, camping teaches you how much you should take with yourself. 

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13. Appreciating Little Things

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Camping preaches you that even the basic essentials might not be available during your trip. Hence, settling with the small things is the best thing you can do for yourself.  After a hard day out, even a simply cooked food tastes delicious and seems enough to fill up your appetite.

14. Improving A Sense Of Direction

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Camping doesn’t happen in a planned park or within the city. Out in the wilderness, you need to have a strong sense of direction while in camping. You need to remember the route to search for your basic necessity. In return, you end up improving your sense of direction.

15. Realising Some Problems Are Unavoidable

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Facing problem? Runing away from the situation is what we all prefer to do. But what you are going to do on your camping? Many unsolved problems might come up. Like, you might face natural calamities like heavy rainfall or storm. Is there any escape from that situation? Of course not! It is part of life. Is there any solution to such problem? The answer is yes. We human are not incapable of finding a solution to any problem. Rather face the challenge and look for an alternative. So, next time when you utter the word impossible, remember it means uo;I am possible”.

16. Becoming Your Own Hero

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When you are camping, don’t look for a hero. Instead be your own hero! Take decisions, face risk, look for a solution, be brave and do whatever it takes to protect yourself. Have confidence in yourself. That’s how you can turn yourself into a competent individual.  

17. Realizing Life Is Indeed Beautiful 

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" Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are; it solely relies on what you think.” Buddha

Yes! Camping does let you shrug off your stresses, uplift your mood and boost up your confidence to face challenges. It lets you realize that there are many more important things in life beyond materialistic demand.

So, what you are waiting for? Disconnect yourself from the man-made world and enjoy a memorable trip in the natural world the God’s best gift to the mankind.

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