What makes TripHobo a knockout place to work and party harder?! Check it out!!

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Let’s be honest, for most people, the word ‘office’ spells doom, reminds of Monday-blues, and elicits severe reactions ranging from crankiness to frustration! Majority of these reactions are a result of a depressing work environment, office politics, and a boring office culture. So naturally, when I graduated from college and landed my first real job at TripHobo, I was intimidated, to say the least! With hundreds of preconceived notions and ideas clouding my mind and countless hesitations stuck in my brain, I finally made it to the office on my first day.

A first step inside the office and my frayed nerves soothed a bit – it was the quirkiest workspace ever! Decorated on the theme of travel with numerous souvenirs dotting the entrance, travel equipment like kayaks and fishing rods mounted on the walls, sunbathing decks propped up against the doors and meeting rooms and cabins with the décor of beach houses, forests, and waterfalls, TripHobo felt more like a vacation destination than an office!

When I got to know my bosses and my TL, who introduced me to the entire team, almost all my preconceived notions were tossed out of the window – the Hobos (as we like to call ourselves) are the coolest bunch of fun-loving people you will ever come across! The vibrant environment, the friendly vibe, the upbeat attitude of people and most importantly, the absence of cubicles at TripHobo put an end to my anxiety and left me impressed beyond words. So here I am, almost a year later, happily sitting in my comfy chair, typing away! 

My personal experience at TripHobo is mirrored in the thoughts of most of my team members and office colleagues, irrespective of the number of years each one has been in this company. So, we decided to talk with the entire team and combine everyone’s observations on what makes working at TripHobo enjoyable. Here’s what people had to say –

'Work Hard, Party Harder' Motto


As cliché as it might sound, ‘Work Hard, Party Harder’ is the motto people in TripHobo swear by. Since most of the Hobos are foodies and party animals, every day at the office is like a celebration. From regular lunch buffets and birthday parties to end-of-the-month celebrations, there are several things to look forward to. A cherry on the cake is a set of stress-release events and the plethora of employee engagement activities conducted throughout the year. 

“A good mix of indoor and outdoor team building activities like cricket tournaments, treasure hunt, cooking competition, carrom, and Bollywood Day keep the energy levels in the office high and help in increasing the bonding between teammates. What’s more, every festival is celebrated with equal enthusiasm at TripHobo, with dress codes and special food items,” says Gaurav Tembe, Business Development Manager, who has been working with TripHobo for three years.

Open-Door Culture


The approachable work environment at TripHobo places everyone, from the newest joinees to the senior-most members, on a level platform! “One of the best parts about TripHobo is the flat organizational structure and the absence of “Sir” culture. Every person in the office is considered equal and there is no hierarchy which can cause politics or issues between the team members. There is immense freedom in terms of work and everybody is open to suggestions. This makes TripHobo feel more like family than a company,” says Jitendra Chugh, Product Manager at TripHobo since last three years, while sharing his thoughts about the open-door culture at TripHobo.

Innovation is always welcome


Innovation has always been the first and foremost priority at TripHobo. So, there is enormous freedom to explore, suggest and implement ideas in the company. “Every idea is heard (patiently), discussed and acted upon by the relevant people. This continuous pipeline of innovative ideas makes working at TripHobo exciting and at the same time, challenging because with so many ideas coming in, there is ample scope to learn! This also lets people come up with their own approaches to tackle the task and teaches you how to handle multiple responsibilities at the same time,” says Kuldeep Kachari, who has been working as a Product Manager in TripHobo for more than 3 years. 

Travel Inspiration


While working in a travel organization like TripHobo, you encounter several interesting articles and blogs about various destinations on a daily basis. In the process, you get to learn a lot about the culture, food, and attractions at those places which in turn, inspire you to go and visit these places. Unknowingly, you get hooked to travelling and look forward to making your own backpacking plans to discover places.

Also, working at TripHobo opens you to the finer nuances of travel like budget-travel, feels Renuka Shahane, who has been working at the Content Team in TripHobo for four years. “Working at TripHobo familiarizes you with the various concepts and avenues that help you to plan trips on a tight budget. From finding the day for cheapest flights to using public transport, you start undertaking trips at low budget using hacks that you wouldn’t have known otherwise,” she shares.

Supportive Management 


Like it is often emphasized, the mentality of the boss makes or breaks the future of any employee and in turn future of the company. At TripHobo, we are blessed to have not one, but three super-cool bosses who bring out the best in you! They bring their own personalities and character traits to everything they do in office and end up becoming more of friends and less of bosses over the period of time. 

Ashwini Wagh, who has been working as the HR Manager at TripHobo for close to four years now, feels that it is the infectious enthusiasm of the bosses that kickstarts your day on a good note and keeps the energy levels high in the office. She says, “They are always open to discussion on anything and everything under the sun and you can just walk into their cabins any time you feel stuck, not just for work-related issues but also for personal conversations. The good management, easy-going bosses, employee-friendly policies, and numerous benefits are some of the notable perks of working at TripHobo.”

To add to this, Supriya Verma, SEO Engineer at TripHobo for more than 2 years says that for her, friendly management is the best part of life at TripHobo. “The flexibility of work is a result of the considerate and affable nature of the founders. This flexibility gives me a lot of freedom and space in terms of my work as well as lets me balance work and personal life.”

To sum it all up, approachable people, cool bosses, fab work culture, and immense flexibility which lets you strike the perfect work-personal-life balance, are some of the highlights of life at TripHobo. This company keeps inspiring you and pushing you to be the best version of yourself! The constant challenges, the great camaraderie between co-workers and the freedom to experiment make working at TripHobo an entertaining experience! Everyone working at this office echoes the same sentiment – TripHobo is Family.

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