Suggested Itineraries- 3 Day Trip Plan For London

As it is righteously said,

"When a man is tired of London, He is tired of Life”

One of the destinations on the bucket list of every traveller, London Trip planning is not difficult; it is tiring. Reason being its plethora of attractions, structures with stunning architecture, fantastic design and a dazzling past that has changed the history of the world; London is ineffable!

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If you want to map this city and explore its hidden treasures in a short span, this 3-day trip plan in London template is here to help!

Day 1: It’s London Baby!

Start your first day in London with visit to iconic Big Ben! Click pictures around this huge tower and you’ll have a precious piece for your travel journals.

Head to Buckingham Palace, which is your next attraction for the day. You are just in time to witness the change of Guard ceremony which happens daily at 11.30 am.

If you want to miss the change of Guard ceremony, book this Buckingham Palace London tour Now! 

After an extensive tour of the Buckingham Palace, it’s time for lunch! Grab a delicious meal at Roux at Parliament.

The next on your itinerary is the London Aquarium. Along with adorable fishes, the aquarium also houses three robotic fish that swim around the waters with ‘the speed of tuna, acceleration of a pike, and the navigating skills of an eel’.

The last stop for the day is a visit to the London Eye which is not only one of the most visited attractions of the city but also offers a 360 degree view of the city of London.

Take the thrilling 30-minutes ride of the wheel and gaze at the city

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Day 2: London Dreams

This day takes you to Piccadilly Circus, perhaps one of the most popular areas of the city. Although the place is glittery and beautiful to watch at night, an early morning visit will give you a sneak-peek into the busy life of London.

The next attraction for the day is the magnificent Palace of Westminster. Known for its decorated interiors, impressive chandeliers and glass work on windows; this place houses the parliament and hence can be visited only through a guided tour.

The Westminster Abbey is another landmark set within the same premises and is a must-add to your 3-day itinerary of London.

Check out this extensive guided tour of Palace of Westminster London

Next on your day is binge time! Head to Terry’s Cafe for a classic English Lunch and gear up for the rest of the day with a warm cup of tea.

Now is the time to visit the beautiful Tower of London. Step in this grand building and you’ll witness the scenes of history painted in front of your eyes. Don’t forget to click a picture near the White Tower.

The last pit-stop for your eventful day in London is the British Museum. Explore the best kept secrets of London, marvel at the collection of the antiquities and get lost in its maze of display. 

Day 3: London Love 

The last day of your 3-day trip to London begins with the famous Trafalgar Square. A historical square painted with quirky modern art, locals chirping around and dotted with tourists, the place will fill you with the much-needed energy and rejuvenation to explore the city for the rest of the day.

Just a walk away from here is our second stop for the day- the impressive National Gallery of London which is one of the most visited museums in the world and is home to around 2300 beautiful paintings.

After walking around the gallery while you admire the gorgeous pieces of art, time to some sit-down lunch! The Clos Maggiore located within the vicinity of the gallery is perfect for a perfect French dining experience.

The evening lights illuminate the bustling streets of London and this is the right time to take a stroll around the West End. If you are up for it, catch a performance at any of its entertainment venues!

The last stop on your 3-day London trip plan is the Tower Bridge! Walk it and admire the glitter of the city and the quaintness of River Thames and you’ll have a delightful evening to remember London by!


Plan a trip to London on the these lines, fall in love with the London Dreams and explore this dynamic city of United Kingdom!


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