12 Most Lonely Houses in the World

By Fedora Lobo on Dec 10, 2015
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As the population of the world continues to ascend, accommodation has started to get more cramped and condensed. Those big garden spaces, houses by a gorgeous water body, a small living space surrounded by trees, breathing in fresh air with no one at least in a quarter mile to share it with, have more or less become history. Today we refer to them as "The good old days.” However, we still wish we could have something like that today. In fact, in a world like now, a house amid Mother Nature, without neighbors and polluting surroundings would be a pure blessing. While we keep dreaming about living in solitude, somewhere far in the woods or on an isolated island, there are some people who turned their reveries to reality. Here is a list of most lonely houses that stand in the most secluded corners of the world.

Just Room Enough Island, Canada

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

This island has room only for one lucky house, and it is the one above. The house receives occasional hugs from the water during high tide however; during low tide the proud owner gets a chance to set up a dreamy garden with cozy chairs to absorb the mild sunlight. The island has beautifully emanated in the middle of Canada’s Saint Lawrence River. Making it one of the most remote house in the world!


Hermitage of San Colombano, Italy

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Those who love heights and living on the 20th floor of the building is more like their priced possession would envy the residents of Hermitage. Hermitage of San Colombano, built in 1319 is elegantly carved into the face of a cliff in the middle of a deep valley.

Stockholm, Sweden

On an isolated 137 square meter island stands a secluded house flaunting its posh glass doors, wooden appearance, and a lavish outdoor sauna that eases out living in the Swedish weather. What more can you ask for? This is luxury and privacy at its best.

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Ellidaey Island, Iceland

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you love that lonesome feeling or are crazily yearning for privacy or isolation, hit Ellidaey Island in Iceland. Imagine living in the middle of a massive grassy rock surrounded by water and the only life other than you there would be some stray cattle of the aquatic life down in the mystic blue waters. Thrilling? Well I guess you've set your heart on the most isolated house in the world. Congrats!

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Get away from the city life and spend a few days in a village is fine. But I guess someone went overboard with the thought of living in a village that he got a house in the middle of an extensive field. Nevertheless, the house spells calm and beauty both.


More like Santa Claus standing on snow, the red house in Norway is the only color you can spot on the sparkling while snow land. What betters isolation? A water body! All you have her is water, snow, the red house and some vegetation.


The isolation may start to haunt you now. This majestic beauty stands alone on a hill amidst tall trees and snow. The calm will feel like meditation while the chirping of birds will feel like song to the ear.


You may have to pinch yourself to feel alive here. In this forsaken place in Poland all your eyes would see is ice, ice covered mountains and an ice covered house. Even a pin drop would be audible here.


Not sure about the houses, as they maybe pre owned, but this secluded Italian lodge can give you a piece of tranquility and isolation. On the Hills of Dolomites you can free yourself from pesky neighbors and feel like you’ve entered another world where there is hardly any life to mingle with.

Faroe Islands

On a huge irregular cliff covered in lush green grass stands a house in solitude on Faroe Islands. Yet again you have a single house on an altitude with water on all four sides.


Everyone secretly wishes to live in the woods where you have only birds and animals in the name of life and of course the trees with their swaying branches too. This cottage in the woods of Scotland is just a reflection of that image you’ve made in your mind.

Fafe Mountains

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A Portugal house of stone is what Casa do Penedo looks like. The house has no electricity and hence candles are the only source of light here after darkness. The house is more than four decades old and was built of four original boulders.

Isolated places feel peaceful and connect you to yourself in a better way. For multiple reasons if you cannot live at the aforementioned places, you can at least virtually live here through photographs and descriptions and maybe a quit visit to these lonely houses. won't harm you either.

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