Long Weekends In 2017 And How To Make The Most Of It

So 2016 has been an interesting year for sure, with incidents that left us gobsmacked and wishing for it to be over asap. What’s more, we couldn’t catch a break, literally! Most public holidays fell on Sundays and we were denied the much coveted long weekends. But things are looking up in 2017! There are 14 long weekends in 2017 and we know just where you should spend them!

1. Republic Day Weekend


Image Source: Arun Kumar Garg/ Flickr

January is ideal for a winter getaway, head to Gulmarg (Kashmir) or Auli (Uttarakhand) for some skiing  and snow. Or just relax and enjoy the beautiful snowscapes with a warm drink and a good book. Here are the best snow places in India you can plan a trip to.
Thursday - 26 January: Republic Day,  
Friday - 27 January: Take leave,
Saturday - 28 January: Weekend,
Sunday - 29 JanuaryWeekend

2. Mahashivratri Weekend


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If you avoided Goa during the peak new year season, this is a perfect time to visit. The Goa Carnival kicks off on 25th Feb and promises three days of fun filled entertainment reminiscent of Mardi Gras. And if that’s not your thing, just hit the beach for some fun in the sun. Check all the fun things to do in Goa this long weekend.
Friday - 24 February: Mahashivratri,
Saturday - 25 February, Weekend
Sunday - 26 February,Weekend

3. Holi Weekend

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If you truly want to experience Holi with all its fanfare and rituals, head to Varanasi. The holiest city in India is a full-colour extravaganza during the festival and a truly unique experience.  
Other options you might consider is Hampi for the best Holi parties or Mathura, the land of Lord Krishna where the festival is truly magical.
Saturday - 11 March: Weekend
Sunday - 12 March: Weekend
Monday - 13 March: Holi

4. Gudi Padva Weekend


Image Source: Amila Tennakoon/Flickr

March is a good time for water sports destinations. The weather is just right and the waters levels ideal. Head to Rishikesh for some white-water rafting, or try some water sports in Andaman or go surfing in Sri Lanka. If you just want to relax, a Yoga retreat in North India is also a great idea. 
Saturday - 25 March: Weekend
Sunday - 26 March: Weekend
Monday - 27 March: Take leave
Tuesday - 28 March: Gudi Padva

5. Ram Navami Weekend


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The summer has officially begun but you can beat the heat this weekend. Head to Srinagar for a cool climate and to experience the Tulip Festival held here in March when the flowers are in full bloom. If you’re in a mood for something more exotic, The Aoleang Festival celebrated by the Konyak tribe in Nagaland has music, dance, and a host of indigenous cultural activities in the first week of April. 
Saturday - 1 April: Weekend
Sunday - 2 April: Weekend
Monday - 3 April: Take leave,
Tuesday - 4 April: Ram Navami

6. Vaisakhi - Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti/ Good Friday Easter Weekend


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Based on what interests you have, you can choose between attending the Phuket Biking Week (11-17th April) in Thailand or even just enjoy the numerous beach resorts. If you want to stay local then head to Mahabaleshwar along with the family for the Mapro Strawberry Festival for some delicious strawberry and cream, and a relaxed weekend in one of the most charming hill stations in India
Thursday, 13 April: Vaisakhi,
Friday - 14 April: Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti, Good Friday,
Saturday - 15 April: Weekend
Sunday - 16 April: Weekend, Easter

7. May Day Weekend


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Ironically, the scorching heat of summer in May makes it the perfect time to visit a wildlife sanctuary. The animals flock to waterbodies at such time for some much-needed respite and to cool off, which makes spotting them easy. Visit Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra to see tigers or Gir National Park in Gujarat to see lions and nilgai. 
Saturday - 29 April: Weekend
Sunday - 30 April: Weekend
Monday -1 May: May Day

8. Ramzan Eid Weekend

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For the foodies, this is a perfect time to visit Lucknow or Hyderabad for the delicious food and authentic flavors of Ramzan. For the adventure loving folk, the roads to Leh, Ladakh are open at this time and the weather is well suited for a road trip to the mountains. 
Saturday - 24 June: Weekend
Sunday - 25 June: Weekend
Monday - 26 June: Ramzan Eid

9. Janmashtami - Independence Day - Parsi New Year Weekend

Image Source: ric_k/flickr
This is possibly the longest weekend/extended holiday you could have for years to come! So get your visa (check out countries which issue visa on arrival for Indians)and pack your bags and go international. The world famous Slazburg Festival takes place in Austria from 21st July to 30 August. If you love classical music and enjoy the rich cultural history of music, concerts, operas and theater are at their best here. Closer to home, you may also visit the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand where you will see a carpet of beautiful flowers in full bloom across the valley. Also check out some interesting places to visit in India in August.
Saturday - 12 August: Weekend
Sunday - 13 August: Weekend
Monday - 14 August: Janmashtami,
Tuesday - 15 August: Independence Day,
Wednesday - 16 August: Take leave,
Thursday 17 August: Parsi New Year,
Friday - 18 August: Take leave,
Saturday - 19 August: Weekend
Sunday - 20 August: Weekend

10. Ganesh Chaturthi Weekend


Image Source: Aditya Patawari/Flickr

Head to Mumbai or Pune to partake in the festivities of Ganesh Chaturthi. The processions and prayers here are carried out on a larger scale than anywhere else in the country. The famous Lalbaugcha Raja or the Dagdusheth Ganpati are definitely worth a visit. However, if you want to get away from the crowds of the city, head to the green hill stations along the Western Ghats and enjoy the breathtaking views and waterfalls during the monsoon. Malshej Ghat, Mulshi, Mahabaleshwar, Karjat, Khandala are all good options. Head to these waterfalls near Mumbai.
Friday - 25 August: Ganesh Chaturthi,
Saturday - 26 August: Weekend
Sunday - 27 August: Weekend

11. Gandhi Jayanti Weekend


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October is a great time to visit Kerala. The green landscapes of Munnar, the paddy fields of Wayanad, the backwaters of Allepy, there is a lot to see and do here. Also, don’t forget the delicious cuisine and relaxing Ayurveda massages. Plan this long weekend at the most beautiful backwater destinations in Kerala.
Saturday - 30 Sep: Weekend
Sunday - 1 Oct: Weekend
Monday - 2 Oct: Gandhi Jayanti

12. Diwali Weekend


Image Source: Wikimedia

Diwali is for spending quality time with family and friends. Plan a trip to Rajasthan for a culturally rich experience or head to a fun international destination like Singapore or Thailand for shopping, relaxation, and sightseeing. 
Saturday - 14 October: Weekend
Sunday - 15 October: Weekend
Monday - 16 October: Dhanteras,
Tuesday - 17 October: Naraka Chaturdashi, 
Wednesday - 18 October: Diwali,
Thursday - 19 October: Balipratipada,
Friday - 20 October: Bhaiduj,
Saturday - 21 October: Weekend
Sunday -22 October: Weekend

13. Eid-e-Milad Weekend


Image Source: Wikimedia

The Hornbill Festival in Nagaland takes place in the first week of December every year. It is often referred to as the "Festival of Festivals” and is a week long celebration of the rich Naga culture and history with music, dance, food and art.
Another great festival to visit at this time of the year is the Rann Utsav in Kutch, Gujarat. The salt flats of the Rann of Kutch a mesmerizing and a major tourist attraction for both Indian and international travelers.
Friday- 1 December: Eid-e-Milad,
Saturday - 2 December: Weekend
Sunday - 3 December: Weekend

14. Christmas Weekend


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Chrismas is the time to be jolly and what better way to do it than by heading to Dubai to indulge some great shopping, food, and luxury. It’s peak season in Goa and you can explore the beautiful churches for some quiet reflection, relax on the beach and let your hair down and party the night away. If you know anyone locally then try and wrangle an invitation to a traditional Christmas dinner followed by the midnight mass. Head to these places to celebrate Christmas in India.
Saturday - 23 December: Weekend
Sunday - 24 December: Weekend
Monday - 25 December: Christmas
And that’s a whole year’s worth of weekend travels just waiting to happen! Don’t think, plan ahead and make the most of your time off. Happy Travels!