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By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Dec 20, 2018
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With this year coming to an end, TripHobo decided to make the list of long weekends in 2019 in India that are perfect for going on a trip. It is the best weekend calendar that is tailor-made for wanderers. This can be the ideal year for vacationing ever as there are at least 16 long weekends in 2019! From going on a short vacation to planning a detailed 10-day road trip, you can do it all this time! If you have noticed, long weekends in 2019 in India are starting even before the year begins. Want to know what the dates are and where you can go? Read on to start planning your trips! 

Long weekends in January 2019 

Long Weekends in January 2019 India

  • 29 December 2018 - Saturday 
  • 30 December 2018 - Sunday 
  • 31 December 2018 - Monday - Take leave 
  • 1 January 2019 - Tuesday - Holiday (New Year’s Day)

Where to go - You can visit Auli in Uttarakhand for skiing, Munnar in Kerala for backwater tours, or head straight towards Hyderabad for pampering your taste buds with some lip-smacking street food.

  • 12 January - Saturday 
  • 13 January - Sunday
  • 14 January - Monday - Holiday (Sankaranti/Bhogi/ Pongal) 

Where to go - Make the most of such holidays in 2019 in India by going to Gujarat. January is the best time to experience the three-month-long celebrations of Rann of Kutch festival. Wouldn’t you love to read some fascinating information about Rann Utsav before planning your trip?

Long weekends in February 2019

Long Weekends in February 2019 India

  • 16 February - Saturday 
  • 17 February - Sunday 
  • 18 February - Monday - Take leave 
  • 19 February - Tuesday - Holiday in some states - (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti and Guru Ravidas Jayanti)

Where to go - Looking for honeymoon destinations in India? Andaman it is! Want to have a little adventure of your own? Go to Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. You can choose from lesser-known beach towns in India that can be visited in winters if you want to avoid the crowd. 

Long weekends in March 2019 

Long Weekends in March 2019 in India

  • 2 March - Saturday 
  • 3 March - Sunday 
  • 4 March - Monday - Holiday in some states (Maha Shivratri)

Where to go - With only 3 days in hand, hill stations in India are your best bet! Places like Matheran in Maharashtra, Chikmagalur in Karnataka, or Ooty in Tamil Nadu will make sure that your vacation is memorable. 

  • 21 March - Thursday - Holiday (Holi)
  • 22 March - Friday - Take leave 
  • 23 March - Saturday 
  • 24 March - Sunday 

Where to go - It is strongly recommended to go to places in Uttarakhand for experiencing Holi celebrations. Be it Vrindavan, Mathura, or Varanasi, you will have fun playing colours on this 2019 long weekend.

Long weekends in April 2019 in India

Long weekends in April 2019 in India

  • 17 April - Wednesday – Holiday in most states (Mahavir Jayanti)
  • 18 April - Thursday - Take leave 
  • 19 April - Friday - Holiday in most states (Good Friday)
  • 20 April - Saturday 
  • 21 April - Sunday 

Where to go - Planning a long trip is possible with the help of some of the best 2019 government holidays in India in April. Try summer treks in Himachal Pradesh or witness the flourishing beauty of Jammu & Kashmir in April.

Long weekends in May in India

Long weekends in May 2019 in India

  • 1 May - Wednesday - Holiday (Labour Day)
  • 2 May - Thursday - Take leave
  • 3 May - Friday - Take leave 
  • 4 May - Saturday 
  • 5 May - Sunday

Where to go - Holidays in May 2019 mean it’s time to get away from the scorching heat. You will love visiting McLeod Ganj and its surrounding areas in Himachal Pradesh or you may go hiking Mount Abu in Rajasthan. If you are looking for an off-beat adventure, then lesser known places in Northeast India will keep you engaged. 

Long weekends in June 2019 in India

Long weekends in June in 2019

  • 5 June - Wednesday - Holiday (Eid al-Fitr)
  • 6 June - Thursday - Take leave 
  • 7 June - Friday - Take leave
  • 8 June - Saturday 
  • 9 June - Sunday 

Where to go - You can consider going for Amarnath Yatra as 5 days are more than enough if you take a shorter route that starts from Baltal. Relaxing in Manali or camping in Kasol are the activities that are preferred by many. Reading about different places to visit in India in June will help you make your decision easier. 

Long weekends in July 2019

Long weekends in July 2019

The month of July in 2019 is a disappointing one for travellers as there are no long weekends. But, do not let it stop you from going on a trip.  

  • 12 July - Friday - Take leave 
  • 13 July - Saturday 
  • 14 July - Sunday

Where to go - With the rains knocking on a door, you will find several places to visit in the monsoon in India. Or you can just opt for a quick getaway to a place that is nearer to your city to make the most of your time. 

Long weekends in August 2019

Indian Long weekends in July 2019

  • 10 August - Saturday
  • 11 August - Sunday 
  • 12 August - Monday - Holiday (Eid ul-Adha)
  • 13 August - Tuesday - Take leave 
  • 14 August - Wednesday - Take leave 
  • 15 August - Thursday - Holiday (Independence Day) 
  • 16 August - Friday - Take leave 
  • 17 August - Saturday 
  • 18 August - Sunday 

Where to go - Here is your chance to go on that most-awaited Leh-Ladakh road trip! Read how to plan a perfect road trip to Leh to make it hassle-free. If you cannot take so many leaves and are looking for shorter trips, you can consider Bishnupur in West Bengal, Ellora-Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra or Coorg in Karnataka.

Long weekends in September in India 

Long weekends in September 2019

  • 31 August - Saturday 
  • 1 September - Sunday 
  • 2 September - Monday - Holiday in some states (Ganesh Chaturthi)

Where to go - Lose yourself amidst the clouds of Darjeeling, enjoy bungee jumping in Rishikesh, or discover the hidden gems in Sikkim. Still not sure? Read about some more places to visit in India in September and then decide where you want to go on a trip. 

  • 7 September - Saturday 
  • 8 September - Sunday 
  • 9 September - Monday - Take leave
  • 10 September - Tuesday - Holiday in most states (Muharram)

Where to go - September is blessed with 2019 long weekends. As cliché as it might sound, with 4 days in hand, you must plan a trip to Delhi just for the sake of setting out on a shopping spree. It will give you enough time to explore different markets as well as visit the famous points of interest.

Long weekends in October 2019

Long weekends in October 2019

  • 5 October - Saturday 
  • 6 October - Sunday
  • 7 October - Monday - Take leave 
  • 8 October - Tuesday - Holiday in most states (Dussehra)

Where to go - Do not miss a chance to go paragliding in Bir-Billing in Himachal Pradesh. If you are not the one to enjoy adventure sports, head off to Gokarna - a coastal town in Karnataka. 

  • 26 October - Saturday 
  • 27 October - Sunday 
  • 28 October - Monday - Holiday (Diwali)
  • 29 October - Tuesday - Holiday (Diwali)

Where to go - These are the School holidays 2019 where you do not have to take a single leave. That makes it the ideal time to go on a family vacation. Boating in Nainital Lake, walking on Digha beach in West Bengal, or taking a safari in Ranthambore National Park are some the best ways to have a great trip. 

Long weekends in November 2019

Long weekends in Indian in November 2019

  • 9 November - Saturday 
  • 10 November - Saturday 
  • 11 November - Monday - Take leave 
  • 12 November - Tuesday - Holiday in some states (Guru Nanak Jayanti)

Where to go - Holiday list 2019 just got better as in November, you can go to Hampi in Karnataka, Orchha in Madhya Pradesh, and Bodh Gaya in Bihar. Planning a trip to Lakshadweep is also a good idea.

Long weekends in December 2019

Long weekends in India December 2019

  • 25 December - Wednesday - Holiday (Christmas) 
  • 26 December - Thursday - Take leave 
  • 27 December - Friday - Take leave 
  • 28 December - Saturday
  • 29 December - Sunday 

Where to go - The month of December is guaranteed to have long weekends. In 2019, you get at least 5 days to go to Goa for partying all night long. Not your thing? You can consider visiting Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh, Nagoa Beach in Diu, or Mylapore in Chennai.

Apply for leaves, start planning your vacations today, and thank us later!

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