Top Luxury Experiences In India

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Most people pretend to be travelers at heart. Youd find them boasting about how much travel means to them at parties, get-togethers and even family dinners. But ask those same people what theyd sacrifice for travelling; youd see them rush to a new topic of conversation faster than a Ferrari on a clear road.

Those few of us for whom travel is true passion and freedom, go to any lengths to satisfy that intense urge of wanderlust that is ingrained in our minds. What is the craziest thing you have done to travel? I once refrained from going out on weekends (very very difficult for me) for a period of three months just so that I could go on a holiday that my parents refused to finance. In my younger and more superstitious days, I once renounced coffee (also unimaginable for me) so that god could grant me my next dream holiday!

So if you're like me and have been eagerly waiting to indulge yourself in a unique adventure, this list of elaborate travel experiences will make you want to sell that dandy Iphone of yours and head straight to one of these destinations. Because thats how much they cost!

1. Balloon Riding above the Pink City

Cant get better than this. Imagine yourself in the skies with the pretty city of Jaipur below you in all its glory. You can sail over the ancient forts and the old bazaars and fall in love with the simple life once again. Whats more, sailing in the clouds costs much lesser than that beloved phone of yours. Youd be left with a few bucks to spend on the scrumptious pyaaz ki kachori and mirchi badas!

Cost: approximately 24,000 INR for two

Mirchi Badas and Kachoris: 30 INR each

2. A Ride on the Maharaja Express

Its truly an experience fit for the kings. Explore the rustic land of Rajasthan or discover hidden gems in the heart of India with this majestic journey that will treat you like true blue blooded royalty. Let me warn you, every other train journey after that will fade in comparison. Worth every painful penny that you will spend on it, prepare to be spoilt silly on this uber luxurious train.


Cost: A four-destination journey will cost approximately 100,000 INR for Indian Nationals

3. A Night in the Floating Palace

Yes, all the rumors about the Lake Palace in Udaipur are true. It is as extravagant as you can ever imagine. Floating over a lake, this palace hotel has gone to great lengths to ensure that you feel like royalty. Intricate furniture, soft silks and delicate carvings surround you everywhere. A night here is truly an experience in the lap of luxury.


Cost: A basic room at the Lake Palace will cost you anywhere upwards of 25,000 INR

4. Spa in the Himalayas

Looking for nirvana? You will not find it in a cave in the Himalayas anymore. Pure spiritual bliss awaits you at the expensive but sumptuous Ananda Spa . This lavish spa gives you a slice of heaven, served on a silver platter. Even before you start your detox therapies, just the view will help you reach moksha. So, even though chances are that this trip will burn a hole in your pocket, you will come that much closer to spiritual paradise.


Cost : The yoga and detox packages at Ananda start from 50,000 INR , while the room by itself will cost you approximately 40,000INR

5. Book a private yacht in Goa

This part of Goa is reserved for the privileged few. And why not, it surely aint everybodys cuppa tea. I am sure you must have been to every beaten club and shack in Goa by now (Titos and Curlies no longer count as cool). Party like the swish set on your own private yacht which boasts of the most spectacular amenities on board. You can let that blow-dried hair down till the wee hours of the morning without the annoying strangers.

Cost: Hiring a private yacht for three hous would cost you approximately 45,000 INR

6. Scuba Diving at Anadaman

The island of Narcondam is a blessed place that is teeming with undersea life that is joyous and colorful. Live on the MV Infiniti vessel for a four night diving course that will get you up, close and personal with the most amazing fishes and corals. Take my word, it will change you forever.

Cost: Living aboard the MV Infiniti ship for four days has a package cost (including scuba diving) of approximately 80,000 INR

If you are one of those who believe in experiences more than accessories, a lot awaits you out there. The allure of an expensive phone might fade away but the memories of a brilliant day will make you smile forever. So, if we’re able to convince you enough, you should get busy booking tickets and planning your trip!

Happy Trip Planning! :)

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