Tea Stalls to Visit in India During Freezy Holiday

By Neha Kapoor on Oct 29, 2015
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Nothing can be as orgasmic as having a cup of tea and that steaming maggi when you are on the top of the mountains. Sometimes people do forget the attractions that they visit around a certain hill station but what remains indelible is the voracious slurps of those noodles and a tea to compliment with. There are tea stalls in India (chaiwallahs as we fondly call them) who have understood the law of gravity for tourism and have established themselves at those remote corners in the mountains. You might speculate from where do they get the supplies from, but then they are there, serving you with their sweet smiles and local flavor.

1. Khardung La Pass, Ladakh

Image Source: Saurabh Kumar/flickr.com

After an hour's bumpy journey to Khardung la from Ladakh, there is a stop at Rinchen cafethe world's highest cafeallows travellers to rejuvenate and also gives them the much required warmth. Besides maggi, momos, tea etc., you will be served by a few army men during the tourist season (summer), the cafe also takes you through the various sights, scenes and stories of Ladakh with beautiful paintings and quotes by the army.

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2. Chang La

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

What can be more warming to your soul than a cup of coffee or tea with the soupy noodles at Chang La? The third highest motorable mountain pass in the world, Chang La Pass, situated at an altitude of 5,360 meters above sea level, is named after the Sadhu Changla Baba. There is a tea point at the Chang La Pass where the Indian army serves hot tea to the tourists and public convenience is also available unlike many other passes in Ladakh.

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3. Triund

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Far from the madding crowd, Triund makes for an attractive trekking destination, with well-defined forest trails and breath-taking views of the entire Kangra valley. The view of the evening sky from Triund is a good enough reason to pitch a tent here for the night. This is a small and an easy trek, which can be done either from McLeodganj or Dharamkot, which is 2 km ahead of McLeodganj. For that again a tea stall comes to your rescue. You can rent tent and camping gear at the small teashop on the top.

4. Gurudongmar Lake

Image Source: Virtous One/flickr.com

The tea stall here is the most tranquil one! Literally a slice of heaven on earth! At an attitude of 17000 ft, Gurudongmar is one of the highest lakes in the world. It lies in the North side of the Khangchengyao Range and is encircled all around by snow-covered mountains, the sacred lake freezes during the winters except at one spot, which the devout believe has been specially blessed. The Chinese Tibetan boarder is just a few kilometres away from the lake.

5.   The chaiwallah enveloped in the tea gardens of Munnar

Image Source: Rajib Ghosh/flickr.com

This can actually make your tea experience more wholesome. Having those sips of uo;chai” amidst the tea gardens of Munnar can transcend you from the mundane world. Tea in Munnar is grown on its undulating terrain, which appear as if they are covered with a bright green blanket. Sometimes, terraced plantation is also followed in order to prevent soil erosion and to facilitate irrigation. As tea has become one of the reasons behind this hill station's international fame, it is considered an important aspect of this place.

6. Gun Hill Point, Mussorie

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Undoubtedly the most popular sightseeing spot of Mussoorie is Gun Hill, the second highest point of this hill station. Reaching Gun hill by rope-way is sheer fun and adventure. The thrill of the 400 m long journey by rope-way can’t be described in words. One can also trek to Gun hill to have a closer communion with nature. Here you can enamor the breathtaking view of the snow-packed Himalayan ranges while having that misty cup of tea and maggi ofcourse.

7. Rohtang Pass, Manali

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Solang Valley, also known as the Snow Point, is a side valley on top of Kullu Valley, located at a distance of about 14 km from Manali. It falls on the way to Rohtang Pass, and is attracts a huge number of visitors because of the summer and winter sports, such as skating, parachuting, paragliding and zorbing. It is one of the most picturesque places that you can imagine, with snow-capped mountain peaks and glaciers making up the most picture-perfect view. The only thing that can make this trip better is some Maggi. Why not visit Manali with Triphobo's Trip planner to have tyrst with nature! 

8. Tiger Point Lonavala

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Tiger’s Point, also known as Tiger’s Leap, is a cliff-top in Lonavala. It has a drop of more than 650 m, and gives a view that will mesmerize you with its extensiveness. Here, you can enjoy the breathtaking views with some steaming Maggi noodles. There are several stalls here that will cook up the two-minute magic for you. Apart from Maggi, you can also munch on some corn bhaji, cheese bhaji and pakora, and masala chai.

9. Kanchenjunga Base Camp in Sikkim

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world, located in Eastern Nepal and Sikkim, India, with three out of five peaks on the border between North Sikkim and Nepal. It is one of the greatest trekking trails across white  mountains, glaciated peaks, forests of orchids and rhododendrons, and meadows rolling for right into the sky. It is understandably a remote region, and one of those places in India where you get nothing but Maggi. But no complaints, you are getting the best in the mountains!

10. Pangong Tso in Jammu and Kashmir

Image Source: alex hanoko/flickr.com

Translated as the "long, narrow, enchanted lake” in Tibetan, this place lies on the Indo-China boundary, and can be reached after an arduous journey of five hours along 14 km from Leh, across rough mountainous terrains. The lake itself is a beautiful one, with deep blue waters that reflect a clear picture of the surrounding mountain peaks. The place is one of the remotest, and it is hard to get good food at low cost. The best option to survive here is by gorging on Maggi with a number of tea stalls at your service.

So which of these tea stalls would you like to visit? Share your tea stall experiences amidst the mountains with us.

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