Malana Restricts Entry to Tourists, No More Malana Cream for Visitors!

“Man proposes, God (?) disposes!”

If you thought that we are way past the displeasing-god-and-getting-cursed times, here’s something that you should read!

The tiny village of Malanai is infamous for its Malana cream, the locally produced cannabis which attracts the tourists from all across the world. Apart from the supposedly finest quality hash in the world, this village enjoys the backdrop of Kullu valley on one side and Parvati valley on the other. 

Every year, thousands of enthusiastic tourists and trekkers visit Malana, and relish an out-of-the-world experience in the scenic Himalayan setting.

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Holidaying in Malana is now going to be restricted! Last year, the village panchayat enforced a ban on photography to avoid the village’s portrayal as a narco-tourism destination. 

But this time, it is not really the panchayat taking the decision, it’s the local deity!

A newly chose oracle in the village, who communicates with the local deity of Jamly has announced the god’s disapproval towards the guesthouses and restaurants. As a result, the oracle has declared the shut-down of the local tourism hub to stop tourists from visiting Malana.

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“If the locals continue to rent out homes and properties to tourists, they will have to face the consequences of angering the deity” says Bhagi Ram, the head of the panchayat. 

The villagers approve of this decision and have taken the implementation of the same, quite seriously. They consider this, as a step to preserve their local culture and age-old traditions. The residents of Malana are already known for their aloofness, since mingling with anyone outside their community is considered a taboo. 

So if you planned to visit the Malana village for some exotic hash, now, is not the time! 


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