Meet Martin Riese-The Man Who Is Paid To Taste Water

By Renuka Shahane on May 23, 2016
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Wine Tasting is passé; don’t judge me when I say this, but it really is.

Introduce yourself to the freshest drink tasting experience- Water Tasting!

Gaining a lot of popularity and sharing a love-hate relationship with patrons across the United States is this new art of water tasting. Coined by Martin Riese- famous as the Water Sommelier, who boasts a 48-page water menu at Los Angeles’ Patina restaurant is without a doubt, an interesting man. Hailing from Germany, the idea of offering a varied range of water struck Martin when a customer at his restaurant was disappointed to know that only one variety of bottled water was served.

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Clicking on this very idea, Martin realised how actually, tap water in every city tastes different and how totally diverse the water from natural springs tastes! That’s when he decided to serve the guests at his restaurant with a variety of water collected from all across the world.

So what makes water taste different some may ask?

While the colour and the odour of water are pretty much neutral and the same everywhere, there is a difference in the taste owing to its 'TDS' levels.

TDS- totally dissolved solids impart their characteristic flavours to the water and as you slurp on the 20 different kinds of water from Martin’s collection, you’ll know how. The taste of the water is hugely influenced by the soil which it runs through and can taste anything between fruity sweet to bitter or salty.

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So just like specific wine goes with specific cheese, Martin can suggest you excellent pairings of water and foods, what goes best with salads and what tastes best with steak.

The Patina restaurant which features Martin’s elaborate water tasting menu saw a jump in sales since its inception. Martin has also collaborated to take the water tasting experience to a whole new level with diamond studded bottles and producing the tastiest water under his own brand.

The next time you pass that glass of water for a glass of wine, think again; there’s a man who is paid to taste water!

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