Manchester Pride Parade 2018

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018

The Manchester Pride Parade is held at the City Center of Manchester. It is an award-winning festival that celebrates the life of people from the LGBTQ section. There are important four elements. They are The Big Weekend, the Manchester Pride Parade, The Candlelit March Vigil and the Superbia Weekend.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

There are thousands of people who march for their pride and are supported by other tens of thousands who support the pride. The event this year will start on Friday, 24th of August and will go on till 27th of August, Monday. 

The organization has announced the theme of the year to be ‘Circus of Appreciation’. The theme is set with an intention that it will remind people of the importance of acceptance and how acceptance is a very important step in the progress of humankind towards equality for all people.

The line-up for the events is as mentioned

The Big Weekend happens at the Gay Village over the August Bank Holiday Weekend. 

On 25th August the Pride Parade is scheduled. It is expected to host thousands of people marching for the pride filling the street into an array of different rainbow colors. 

The Candlelight Vigil is the event when the streets will be filled with gleaming colors and light. This will be done to pay a tribute to the victims of HIV and to fight against the epidemics that are spread across the globe.

The Vigil is said to be the spiritual heat of the Manchester Pride Festival and sets a kind of enlightening atmosphere for all the visitors and the participants of the parade. It is the recognition and the appreciation of the victims of epidemics and deadly diseases and also the members of the LGBTQ community. It is carried out in collaboration with a charity event. 

The Superbia Weekend is the latest addition to the Manchester Pride Festival of 2018. It is free to attend the event and it is an alternative to the other event called as The Big Weekend.

Superbia is organized with the focus set on funding, cutting, supporting the LGBTQ life through various expressive mediums like debates, short films, movies, music, comedy, sports, literature and theater. It aims at a total LGBTQ well-being. 

The Manchester Pride Festival is definitely a must-visit for someone who supports equality since whichever gender a person identifies himself or herself with; equality must mean the same for everyone. Also, the festival is a grand celebration filled with fun, pride, lights and a kaleidoscopic color and zeal and it is something that should surely be on the top of your travel list for this year.