Celebrating Each Day in March - Your Ultimate Guide

  • UPDATED Jul 11, 2017

We are almost always told to celebrate life. Our mundane schedules tire us so much, that the little joys of life tend to be missed. Even Festivals which are supposed to be joyous occasions become so difficult to manage at times. Imagine having a life, where mornings were all about waking up to lovely colors and prayers and nights were all about ending it with great music and fireworks. We present to you a calendar for March 2016 where there is an event, a festival, a celebration hand-picked just for you for every single day of March 2016. We believe life is a celebration, We want you to literally celebrate with the whole world in March 2016!

1ST March- 19 days of Fast and Faith!

What to celebrate : The 19 days of Baha’I fast start on the 1st of March. The Baha’I religion followers observe this fast and prepare for their new year which takes place 19 days later. The fast begins at sunrise. It is a period dedicated to discover themselves spiritually, much like the Ramzaan and Paryushan. 

Where to celebrate : If you are feeling like mingling and learning about a new religion, become a part of the Lotus Temple which is dedicated to Baha’I faith in New Delhi. 

2nd March - Beer and Cider away to glory!What to celebrate : A beer goes a long way whether you need it for a simple get together, to unwind after a tiring day or just simply to add the tinge in your daily life! All you need is to celebrate your love for beers and ciders!   

Where to celebrate : The London Drinker Beer and Cider festival is exactly what you need to express your love to the one thing that relaxes you maximum. It is a really old event which has been repeated year and again for the kind of traffic it attracts. 

3rd March- Love your daughters a little more!

What to celebrate : Celebrated in Japan, Hinamatsuri is a day dedicated completely to daughters. The dolls are dressed up, there are a lot of events and the significance is basically to gather a lot of blessings for the daughters of families! Sounds like a tradition we should adopt all over the World!

Where to celebrate : Japan is the place to be if you want to learn new ways of loving and adoring your daughters! 

4th March - Got the moves? Show us now!

What to celebrate : Your love for dance. Lisboa dance festival is basically about putting together dance performances, traditional and modern and showcasing them on one platform.

Where to celebrate :  Lisbon has so much to offer to you. Imagine being wooed by the best of the dancers in the country and the city! 

5th March - Well, Life is a carnival!

What to celebrate : Viareggio Carnevele is a get-together of artists, dancers who love to showcase their talent in the midst of amazing sounds and basically garners the kind of traffic that wants to enjoy and celebrate life.

Where to celebrate : As the name suggests, Viareggio Carnevele is a celebration of life, of art, of people, of fun and is all you need to fill in more color in the beginning of the month! 

6th March - The Underground Life!

What to celebrate : Vault Festival is basically a meeting which is held underground and brings together all kinds of fun activities and people. There are concerts, stories, performances, everything that you need to have fun out of the visibility of on lookers. So ready to make your story?

Where to celebrate : The way Joey says.. "LONDONNNNN BABYYY”

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7th March - The Savior and the destroyer!

What to celebrate : The union of Lord Shiva and Parvati. In most households in India, Mahashivratri is celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Fasts are observed, people have bhang and it an occasion of high end celebration.

Where to celebrate : Varanasi is the center of all religious activities in India. Even Haridwar celebrates Mahashivratri in a very grand manner. 

8th March - New Year, New Beginnings!

What to celebrate : Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra is considered as the auspicious beginning and is celebrated with really sweet things. The ‘Gudi’ and ‘Tilgud’ are found in every household and is a great way to mark sweet beginnings. Similarly, Karnataka’s new year is Ugadi.

Where to celebrate : For sweet beginnings in Maharashtra and for sweet foods in Karnataka

9th March - For tourism is literally global!

What to celebrate :  International Travel Trade Show is one of the best ways to discover the opportunities global tourism has to offer to you. Starting in 1966, this trade fair has grown manifold and has a lot to offer to you.

Where to celebrate : Berlin has seen a growth in this trade fair drastically. The first trade show had 5 exhibitors which has gone up to 10,000 now.

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10th March - Remembering the man on a mission!

What to celebrate : Ramakrishna is a very well known name in the history pages of India. This day is observed for it was his birth anniversary.  He was considered as a very religious man with great insights for the society. It is a great day as you can learn a lot about the history of India and him.

Where to celebrate : Ujjain is the place for great meetings and discussions about Ramakrishna. 

11th March -  Sprinkle a fairy on a bright day in Spring!

What to celebrate : The Port fairy festival. It is a lovely way to get together and see the local festivities of a town that sounds so magical.

Where to celebrate :  Port Fairy is a small town in Australia and has really warm people who come together to celebrate this event.

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12th March - Even though there is a frozen dead guy, no reason to stop from making your life colorful!

What to celebrate : Well these are actually two different events. There is the LA festival of colors and the frozen dead guy day. One is all about making your life bright and filling it with colors. The other is all about putting up a character and doing all sorts of fun activities.

Where to celebrate :  Frozen dead guy day is celebrated in Nederland, Colorado and is quite a fun event to attend. La Festival of Colors is another celebration in LA which has a lot of fun activities related to colors. 

13th March - the beauty of migration!

What to celebrate : Dana Point Festival of Whales is basically the celebration of migration of grey whales from California. It has parades and a lot of fun events which make the streets of Dana Point fill with joy!

Where to celebrate : Dana Point, a lovely town on the Southern County of California. 

14th March - Lights, Camera, Action!

What to celebrate : SXSW Festival. It stands for South by Southwest. It is an annual celebration of films, music and a lot of fun activities! This year it is from the 11th of march-20th of march.

Where to celebrate : Texas, no other place to be for so much awesomeness! 

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15th March - A City on fire, literally!

What to celebrate : Las Fallas is a traditional celebration held in commemoration of Saint Joseph in Spain. It is a grand celebration and is definitely a treat for your eyes.

Where to celebrate : It takes place in Valencia, Spain. Great chance to see the city ablaze with lights and activities. 

16th March - The coming together of various kinds!

What to celebrate : Spectrum Now is like a get together and is a tradition in its own right. It happens in Sydney yearly and is a great way to explore an unknown side of Sydney.

Where to celebrate : Sydney conducts this festival annually and is a great way to celebrate the coming together of zealous and enthusiastic people from all over the country who love to celebrate life!

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17th March - Celebrations the Irish Way!

What to celebrate : St Patrick’s day is celebrated almost all over the World. The significance is that it is the traditional death date of the foremost Saint of Ireland. The parades and the overall vibe of this day is unparalleled.

Where to celebrate : Dublin is the best place to celebrate St Patrick’s day for traditional treats and rituals. 

18th March - " I AM IN MIAMI *****”

What to celebrate : Ultra Music Festival which is one of the liveliest electronic music festivals of Miami, is a treat for any music lover. The crowd just gets you grooving and the line up is pretty amazing every year. This year it is from 18th March-20th March.

Where to celebrateMiami is the place to be.  

19th March - The birth of the holy!

What to celebrate : St Joseph’s day is considered very significant in Christianity. It is celebrated in remembrance of the foster-father of Jesus. He was the husband of Virgin Mary.

Where to celebrate : New Orleans celebrates it with a lot of enthusiasm. The churches are beautifully decorated, little girls are very well dressed and the treats are totally exquisite. 

20th March - The Entry to be remembered forever!

What to celebrate :  Each of the four canonical Gospels mention the fact that Palm Sunday is the day when Jesus entered Jerusalem. It is celebrated on the Sunday before Easter and is a big celebration in a lot of places.

Where to celebrate : Philippines has a very grand celebration for Palm Sunday. The foods, the streets, the people- everything is very festive at this time.

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21st March - With the end of the month, the beginning of a year.

What to celebrate Nooruz or Nawruz which is considered to be the New Year in Iran. It used to be the New Year of Persia which is now Iran. It is a public holiday and people celebrate it on a very grand scale.

Where to celebrate Any place in Iran is perfect to witness the excitement around Nooruz. It is holy and yet of utmost importance to the Iranians. 

22nd March - Water Water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

What to celebrate : Agreed this is not a festival in all its sense but it is still a day that we should be observing everyday. We know the importance of water but sometimes forget the fact that we are so lucky to have easy access to water. UN started observing this day as the World Water day in the year 1966 and is known for campaigns related to water conservation.

Where to celebrate : Your own house. EACH DAY EVERY DAY!

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23rd March - Holi kab hai? Kab hai holi?

What to celebrate : The festival of Holi is one of the most loved and celebrated festivals in India. Overtime, it has also started being celebrated globally. Holi is a festival of colors and bhaang, where everybody is really excited to paint each other. Every city has different traditions for holi but the base of playing holi remains the same!

Where to celebrate : Mathura, the place associated with Lord Krishna has grand Holi celebrations and you should definitely attend it here once in your lifetime. 

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24th March - The remembrance of the savior!

What to celebrate : Purim is a Jewish holiday which is celebrated every year in remembrance of the saving of Jews from Hamam. Hamam was planning to kill all the Jews and this was a tradition started in the ancient Persian empire.  

Where to celebrate : Himalayas or Kathmandu is one of the best places and off beat places to celebrate Purim. 

25th March - Goodness in everything.

What to celebrate : Good Friday is celebrated all over the world. It is basically the day when Jesus was crucified and comes right before the weekend of Easter. It is a day of utmost importance in Christianity.

Where to celebrate : Most cities celebrate Good Friday with a lot of faith and zeal. Kansas is one of the cities where you can see quiet celebrations of Good Friday and be a part of them. 

26th March - In anime we trust!

What to celebrate : Anime followers celebrate Anime everyday. But Anime Conventions are another level. There are comic conventions and anime conventions which give the fans a chance to meet, interact with each other and live their fictional fantasies to their highest.

Where to celebrate : The Anime convention this time on the 26th is happening both in Boston and Wasabi. Keep a check, it is worth attending. 

27th March - The birth of a religion!

What to celebrate : Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. It is of utmost importance in Christianity. Easter eggs are considered very significant.

Where to celebrate : Sweden has some crazy traditions that they follow on Easter. You should definitely celebrate here to enjoy the most of it. 

28th March - Just to make your life a little more colorful!

What to celebrate : Rang Panchami is celebrated more like a hangover to Holi. It is celebrated 5 days later and on the dark fortnight in the week of Holi.

Where to celebrate : You should definitely witness the excitement in Maharashtra during Rang Panchami. Your life would never be as colorful! 

29th March -  End the month in a good spirit.

What to celebrate : The BaliSpirit Yoga festival. It is an amazing festival, almost one of it’s kind. It is the coming together of spiritual beings who are into

Where to celebrate : In the city of Bali. Not like you need a reason to search for your spirit. 

30th March -  Merasthan- Rajasthan

What to celebrate : Rajasthan Diwas. We do not need a day or a reason to celebrate the royalty of Rajasthan. But the fact that there is a day dedicated to the most royal state of the country is a reason to celebrate itself.

Where to celebrate : Jaipur- the pink city is one of the best to witness any celebration. 

31st March - End your month on a political note!

What to celebrate : Cesar Chavez Day. Basically celebrate the birth and legacy of the civil rights and labor movement activist Cesar Chavez.

Where to celebrate : A lot to learn about how USA actually has so much liberty today. 

This is our guide to make your March a lot more colorful, a lot more fun and a lot more exciting. Each day is like a new beginning. Let us know how would you celebrate the rest of the year and how excited you are about March!