Mardi gras in Colombia

Also known as the ‘Shrove Tuesday’, Mardi Gras is a carnival celebration that begins after or on the Christmas dinner. It is also a festival of celebration before the Lents’ fasting season. During the carnival a krewe hosts a Mardi Gras Ball and ride on a parade floating through the town. The ‘Fat Tuesday’ in French reflects the last night of eating richer and fatty foods. 

Officially known as the Republic of Colombia, Colombia is a diverse and exciting country with welcoming people, lots of adventure, affordability and beautiful scenery. The country has so much to offer with its interesting events and celebrations around the year. But the best times to visit Colombia would definitely be at the time of Mardi Gras when the lavish towns are busy with carnivals. the colorful celebration goes well with the intricate street arts. 

Image Source: Flickr-Tapiz de Retazos 

The most famous of all is the carnival of Baranquilla which is just not to be missed! Here’s a list of things you can do while on a Mardi Gras tour to Colombia.

1. Celebration carnival in Baranquilla

The second largest carnival in the world after the Rio de Janeiro carnival in Brazil. The once in a lifetime must-see event is a four day carnival with most of the city shut down and people enjoying the huge celebration in the town. The various local traditions and cultures blend in the carnival at the pre-carnival event called La Guacherna. If you are in Baranquilla at the time of Mardi Gras don’t wait for last minute reservations, make your bookings and attend the carnival because the ticket sell out really quick for the once in a year carnival. The carnival is considered to be the most important festival of the year and is a true demonstration of many heritages of the country. 

2. Attend the Mardi Gras Colombia parade

After Ash Wednesday, the Mardi Gras Colombia parade is the best way to let yourself loose to the festive celebration with some good and delicious food. The parade is about having fun with your loved ones, family, friends and community. the Mardi Gras Colombia includes a 5k race, Live bands playing good music, finger-licking food and a colorful and exciting parade. The free festival is your ticket to get drunk and have fun but that does not mean that its a party for drunkards. 

3. Celebrate the Cajun Mardi Gras

The Cajun Mardi Gras celebrated in the town of New Orleans are about catching chicken and less about catching beads. the participants go to houses to ask for anything that might help in cooking a good chicken meal from potatoes to chicken. The host might throw the chicken off the roof in the crowd of participants to catch and hence the chicken catching popularized. the chicken being flung from the roof isa kick-off start to the Mardi Gras celebration.

4. Enjoy the authentic local experience

Mardi Gras is a celebration with people coming together from different cultures and regions. During the carnivals of Mardi Gras you are likely to meet the local people of the towns and cities who will enrich your knowledge on the world’s second largest festival. A cultural influences’ melting pot will provide you opportunities to experience a delightful mix of things. During the very first few hours of the festival you’ll realize that Colombians do know how to party like crazy. The people are really friendly and welcoming and you would not feel like a outsider.

5. Try Aguardiente of Colombia

The most favorite all over Colombia, the anise-flavored drink is a must try except in the Caribbean regions where people prefer to drink rum more. the cheap to buy drink has a high alcohol content and is normally drank straight up without mixing it in anything. It can also be known as the national drink of Colombia, unquestionably! No celebration in Colombia is complete without this drink and Mardi Gras has people high on it. It is found all over the country but is most famous and popular in the inland parts of the country. 

Having something for everyone, Colombia should be on everyone’s ‘Places to visit’ list. If you choose to come here soon, plan it around Mardi Gras for a better experience.


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