Mardi Gras in Czech Republic

Masopust is folk tradition which is being followed since ages. Czech Republic, a country known for the native beers and ornate castles is a place that enjoys festivity at its best. When it comes to celebrating Mardi Gras, it is a carnival here. It is freezing cold in the country and the people here love celebrating this festival with a lot of zeal. Getting dressed up, wearing masks, and partying is how they celebrate the start of spring and bid farewell to winters. Good food and alcohol is all how they celebrate this festival. Here are some of the things that should be known about this festival that marks the beginning of Lent, the forty-days fasting period.

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1. Enjoy Enough Food and Celebrate the Festivity

When in Czech Republic, people welcome spring by having this carnival where they enjoy having doughnuts and pork delicacies so that the entire year gets them strength. One thing that stays a trend is Kolibha and surely there cannot be a pre-Lenten feast without the yummy, jelly-filled, sugar-embellished Kolibha that drools everyone. Fat Tuesday surely has a lot of food that everyone enjoys.

2. When in Hlinecko

Enjoy the real spring of carnival celebrations at Hlinecko as a series of events are organized at the open-air museums like Hlinecko Bethlehem where people enjoy. The carnival parade, the masks, the events associated are fun to be a part of.

3. The Costumed Characters Cheer Everyone

Since people are in different costumes, portraying different characters, each character has an assigned task that is supposed to be completed. Those who are costumed as Bear will scare the children and Bruna (a terrifying creature) has fascinating horns that reminds people of a Giraffe, or a Goat, but eventually catching the attention and portraying the festivity.

4. The Carnival Breweries will get you Crazy

You will be able to enjoy alcohol, especially dark beer as most of the breweries of the town devote some of it to a Masopust. People get crazy, drinking and dancing and praying for the whole coming year to be a good one and that you get strength for all that has to come your way.

5. Carnival Celebrations by Open Air Museum in Roznov pod Radhostem

Roznov pod Radhostem is the oldest, yet largest open-air folk-museum in Central Europe that organises folk parades, along with some of the tasty refreshments. 

6. The Meat Fast

The word “Masopust” means “meat fast” and hence people love to enjoy plentiful of meat and pork to celebrate the festivity of pre-Lenten carnival that also inculcates folklore events that are held almost everywhere. The carnival proceedings are for the upcoming “forty days of fast” before Easter and hence has its own importance for people.

7. The Mesmerizing World of Masks

People wear masks and this tradition dates back to the twentieth century that represents that the dead are likely to return back to their homes at this time. People get the masks of characters like devils, cow herders and ring masters. These masks are not just for fun, but are traditional and are being followed since decades. Animals like pigs, rams, bears, goats, and Horse are carrying a bag along, in their mouth and collect doughnuts in it.

8. The Tradition of Parades

There are a number of parades that take place outside many museums and heritages that depict the traditional carnival zeal. People are wearing masks when at parades and that moment is a must to witness as people get crazy afterwards, dancing on the streets, and enjoying.

9. When Mardi Gras is Celebrates in Prague’s Lesser Town

Lesser Town also celebrates Mardi Gras in their own special way where people create a social event where everyone gathers and drink beer and brandy. In the processions, they go door to door to houses and perform the rituals that ensure prosperity, health, and good harvest. Since there are a number of pubs in the town, the carnival processions move a little slow and stops for the refreshments, singing, and dancing by the time they reach the ultimate party destination at Kampa. The festivity here is incomparable.

So, there you are in Czech Republic to get yourself the best ever Mardi Gras carnival where people get crazy, dancing to the traditional music and enjoying the tasty pork delicacies. Enjoy a number of events being held at different places of the country that marks the importance of this custom and hence never at least once in a lifetime, enjoy Mardi Gras in Czech Republic.


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