Mark Van Der Heijden - An Intern to CEO Journey

By Neha Kapoor on Jan 08, 2019
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You must have read a lot of blogs regarding people who have travelled across the world after quitting their well-priced jobs. However, this narrative is of a person who has been able to keep his jobs  (not a single job..dude!) intact while travelling the world and storing experiences that are not easy to get in books. Meet Mark van der Heijden from Amsterdam, originally a copywriter by profession who decided to travel across the world but not at the cost of his career. 

As they say, "wherever there is a will, there is a way”. So this person thought of a unique concept that has never been followed atleast in the recent history.He decided to exchange his services for food and shelter in regions beyond his own. He created a video of himself offering his creative services to companies but not in exchange of money but for the services that would let him travel. 

After his video went viral, he was offered with loads of job positions that did not require him to be physically present on the job spot. He also became a sort of rage on the social media that was struck by his unique desire to stick to jobs while travelling. In his own words Mark says "Then something very exciting happened; after I landed in Bangkok and opened my laptop there were 100 offers in my inbox from all over the world. On top of that I gained 800 new Twitter followers almost overnight.” Pushing beyond the known boundaries, this travel buff decided not to stop anywhere but to keep on working along with his travel to distant places. From small starters to advertising giants such as DDB Vietnam, Red Bull Austria, JWT Buenos Aires and many more, Mark received atleast 700 job offers in return to his post.

Some snapshots of his voyage across the world:

Mark in front of Taj Mahal, India

With such novel ideas, presently he has in store for him experiences of atleast 27 countries. During the course of his journeys he must have been struck by the thought that there would be many other people who wanted to pursue their wanderlust but somehow restricted themselves because of the fear of loosing their jobs. With this desire to help such people he established his own company "Wanderbrief” that inspires all those who really want to travel, but do not want to compromise on their careers as well. This company acts as a connection between companies and candidates who wish to work in exchange of accommodation and food. From an intern to a CEO of Wanderbrief, his journey says it all. As he sums up his passion to create a palatform, "I want to help and inspire people to create an awesome life. I believe that we can change the world if we start by changing ourselves."

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Not only Mark has redefined the spirit of travel, he has also become a predecessor for new forms of working and channelizing one’s creativity.

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All images attributed to Mark Van der Heijden as featured in The Back Packer Intern.  

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