Memorial Day Celebration in New York

  • UPDATED May 09, 2018

Memorial Day started out as an event to honor the civilian soldiers who fought and laid down their lives during the American Civil War. It is a day of sadness but also a day of remembering the patriotic men and women for whom America is what it is now. The holiday is observed on the last Monday of the month of May. 

New York features amongst the leading cities of the USA and Memorial Day is a grand affair there. There are parades in various parts of the city, visits to museums, cultural attractions, visits to Washington Square and much more. It is a day of remembering your country and what it went through. It is a day of nostalgia for the Americans.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

So, if you are visiting the historical city of New York during Memorial Day, you must too celebrate it with the city! Here is a list of the must-do things for everyone who is visiting New York during Memorial Day. 

1. Parade at Bay Ridge New York

The oldest and most cherished Parade of The Kings County Memorial Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in New York. It starts at around noon from the Eighty Seventh Street and Bay Ridge’s third avenue and marches for various ceremonies. 

Veterans, bands, corporate groups, school children and church choir groups, religious groups and motorcycle clubs participate enthusiastically in the parade every year. There are music performances too. The city celebrates its fallen angels every year by coming together as one in this famous parade. It is a day of reminiscing and paying respects to the martyrs. So, if you visit New York during this time, this parade is a must-watch. 

2. Fleet Week

Fleet Week in New York is a week-long celebration to pay due respect to the members of the Coast Guard, United States Navy, and Marines. The annual event continues for a week. It begins with Ships parade and then comes the military demonstrations and an event to mark the occasion of Memorial Day at the Intrepid Museum. All activities are free for the public to watch and honor. This too is a must-visit if you are in New York during this time of the year. 

3. Memorial Day Commemoration and concert at Cemetery located at Green Wood

Memorial Day Concert is organized at Greenwood annually. Over the years, it has become a favorite in the neighborhood. Every year the works of residents of the area nearby are featured in the show. 

The entry for the concert is free of cost. People can bring blankets to sit on and enjoy. However, people have to enroll for it before-hand. Delicious eating options are available on sale from local vendors all day long.

A special trolley tour is organized immediately after the Memorial Day concert. Tours are led to various famous parts of the city. This evokes a sense of patriotism and solidarity among the people. The tour is mainly to educate the people about the importance of Memorial Day. 

4. Memorial Day in Washington Square

Every year around the time of Memorial Day, hundreds of artists from all over New York are seen flooding the West Side Park to showcase their paintings, artisan crafts, photographs and so on. New artists are discovered every year, tourists and city-residents come to support this cultural affair. It is a way of showing solidarity with the fellow Americans, and it certainly brings out the true essence of Memorial Day. 

The event goes on during the Memorial Day weekend. So, if you are visiting New York then, do give a visit to Washington Square. Art-lovers will be thrilled. 

5. 9/11 Memorial Museum

Memorial Day is mainly marked by celebrating the martyrs of the American Civil War. But wars are all the same. They are fought for glory and to restore the pride and rights of one’s country. The 9/11 incident was not like any other war. Along with resources, many Americans lost their lives too.

On the occasion of Memorial Day, Brooklyn has a lot of memorials for the fallen people of the 9/11 incident. The 9/11 Memorial and Museum is located in Greenwich Street, Manhattan. This memorial museum is a testament to the strength and courage of the New Yorkers and Memorial Day weekend is indeed a good time to pay tribute to the incident. 

The 9/11 incident is famous and one of the most terrible terrorist attacks till date. If you want to pay tribute to the courage and strength of the New Yorkers and how the city rose to glory again, then do give a visit to the museum.  

6. Brooklyn Beaches

Memorial Day is about celebrating the fallen angels of the Civil War. But for a tourist, especially children visiting New York at this time also means they need something fun to do. Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer in New York. The weather is not too hot yet at this time. However, the beaches are opened, and it is a great time to take a dive in the sea or soak in the sun. There are a number of beach attractions at this time. Kids will love it. Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn, South Beach and Midland Beach in Staten Island are some of the famous beaches for tourists to go to and enjoy. Swimming is allowed in some of them with timings. 

So, these are the must-do things for a tourist visiting New York during Memorial Day. America is a country, and some of us may not be a part of it. Neither do we have anything to do with its history. But, we are all fellow human-beings. Lives have been lost no matter which country they belonged to. It is a universal loss in a sense. So, if you visit New York during this time, unite with the city and pay tribute to humanity.