Memorial day Events in Los Angeles

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1. Memorial Day events Los Angeles

Memorial day is one of the most prominent days in the United States that honors all the brave soldiers who gave their lives serving the country. This is a day of pride and grievance and also celebration to the courageous lives these people lead. It is observed on the last Monday of May every year. It is also a way for people to know that it’s time for summer vacations. A lot of events happened during this day, and people visit memorial services and cemeteries to honor the martyrs. Los Angeles is one of the prime locations where Memorial Day events takes place and people pay tribute to their soldiers. If you want to visit and see how the day is celebrated, Memorial Day events in Los Angeles can be a great way to do it. In this article, we will walk you through all the activities and events that you can visit on Memorial Day in Los Angeles. 

2. History of Memorial Day 

In the past, people of US decorated the graves of the soldiers that gave their lives in the war before and during the American Civil War. Many people gave up their lives during this time, and it was the way of remembering them. This practice lead to the creation of the Memorial Day. It was first done in on June 3rd, 2861 in Warrenton, and then it spread all across the country like wildfire. It was initially known as the Decoration Day, and it gradually changed to Memorial Day. In the year 1971, the official name Memorial Day came into being and the day was decided to be on the last Monday in may so that people could have a long Memorial Day weekend.

3. What Are the Memorial Day Events in Los Angeles?

A lot of Memorial Day events in Los Angeles are held all throughout the Memorial weekend. However, the biggest and the most important ones are held on the Memorial Day, which always falls on the last Monday of May. Here are some of the frequent events that you can attend and see on the Memorial Day in Los Angeles.

  • Patriotic Memorial Day Programs

People organize patriotic Memorial Day events in Los Angeles at almost all the locations on this day. You can visit one of these places because the entry to all of them is free and can see the Memorial Day celebrations for yourself. At these celebrations, you will find things like prayer ceremonies, exclusive concerts and much knowledge about the history of the USA and its brave men and women who gave up their lives for the betterment of the country and its people.

  • USS Iowa Military Appreciation Day

The USS Iowa organizes the Military Appreciation Day where you can see carnival games, live music and also food trucks. The entry for the military personals and their family members is free, but the other people need to pay for the tickets and go there. This event is held on the Memorial Day Monday from 10 AM to noon, and you will get to have much fun with your family. Additionally, this is a great way to know about the soldiers of the country and their lives. 

  • Canoga Park Memorial Day Parade

Parades are a significant part of any Memorial Day celebration hence Los Angeles also has a Memorial Day parade. This is an annual parade where you will see military marching units, antique cars from the wartime, decorated floats, and military bands, classic cars that were used in the past, marching youth groups, equestrian units and a show by the military aircraft. This is a beautiful parade that lasts for about two hours and shows the beauty and grandeur of the US army. After the parade, you will see a car show and can also join entertainment program in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church.

  • Topanga Days Country Fair

This is another annual event that takes place every Memorial Day. The Topanga Days Country Fair is everything that you can expect from a Memorial Day weekend. From the new age jamboree to the performances from some of the best artists there is everything in this fantastic fair. Additionally, you can also see some belly dancing to the Old Times Tunes and a special Monday morning parade takes place in the memory of the martyrs. The festival lasts all throughout the Memorial Day Weekend, but the parade only takes place on the Memorial Day and is visited by people from all over the city and the surrounding areas. This festival is a must visit for the person who is interested in the culture of the US and the Memorial Day events.

  • Memorial Weekend Club Crawls

If you want to celebrate the Memorial nights, then this event is perfect for you. The memorial weekend club crawls are organized all over the city. Some of the biggest and the best clubs participate in this crawl, and people can taste some of the best liquor and food throughout the night. You will be given a band to wear at the entry gate of the first Club, and this will be your pass for the rest of the night. So, go out, get drunk and dance the night away with your friends on the Memorial Day Weekend.

  • Fiesta Hermosa

Fiesta Hermosa is an arts festival that takes place on both Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. You can sample some of the finest foods and taste the best vine at the 400 stalls in the festival. Additionally, you will also find live music and since the festival happens by the Pacific coast, don’t shy away from taking a dip in the sea when the weather gets too hot, and you get too tired from all the walking and enjoying. 

  • The Clifton’s Canteen

The Clifton’s Canteen is a tribute to the 1940s USO show where you will find people dancing and enjoying to the tunes of the live band. Every year a famous band performs at the event, and people have the times of their lives. There is food, there is music, and there is fun at this event. 

  • Lighting in A Bottle 

If you are ready to trek up to the Central Coast, then you can witness one of the best annual events in Los Angeles. This is one place that a vegetarian person will love. This festival is dedicated to Yoga, wellness, food and good music. Some of the most prominent artists from all around the world come and perform at the event, and the festival lasts for six days. You can also participate in speaker series and learn all about bringing peace to your body and your mind.

  • Universal Studios Hollywood

If you are visiting Los Angeles for the first time and have not visited the Universal Studies yet, you have been missing a lot. Take a trip to the Universal Studios on the Memorial Day when the entry for all the people is free. You can see some of the most iconic movie sets and have your own Hollywood experience.

  • Local Farm Festivals 

Every Memorial Day weekend, you will see a lot of local farm festivals being organized in and outside the city. Since it is a long weekend, people get the time to visit these festivals and try out local foods and drinks. From wine tasting to cheese tasting, there are all kinds of festivals. So, choose the one that interests you and gives it a try. The best part is that these festivals last for three days, so you have plenty of time to visit more than one.

4. What to Eat?

Memorial Day in Los Angeles is not only about giving respect to the men and women who gave their lives in the war, but it is also about the beginning of the summer holidays and celebrations. Hence you will find a lot to eat at different places for the Memorial Day. A lot of events and festivities are held all throughout Los Angeles and the areas around it. So, all the foodies can eat some of the best foods from all around the world and drink some of the finest wine and beers. There are also many wine tasting events organized at this time of the year at some of the best vineyards in and around Los Angeles. So, if you are willing to travel a little further away from the city, you will surely get the taste of good wine and dine.

5. To Sum Up

As we can see, many events take place during the Memorial Day celebration. However, if you do not want to attend an event and just spend some time with yourself and your friends, you can do it by the beach or at a music concert. Many plays also take place during this period that can also be attended. Additionally, you can also go to some of the most famous restaurants in the city and have the taste of their best foods. Just make sure you enjoy the weekend your own way. Memorial Day events in Los Angeles usually last all throughout the weekend, i.e., three days, and if you happen to visit Los Angeles around this time, you will have a lot to look forward to. 


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